Saturday, September 10, 2016

How To Spice Up Your Marriage With Intimate Moments.

One of the miracles of cooking is how you can use spices to create a mouthwatering and sumptuous meals that leaves everyone munching and scratching their plates, and also leave the kids hitting their cutleries on their plates to signal that their plate is empty and they want some more. 

But in some homes, the dining room is more relaxing and rewarding than the bedroom.
Seems like the bedroom is where the bills are discussed, office tasks are performed and partners are more comfortable with sleeping than expressing arts of love and affection to each other. Some are more intimate with their phones than they're with their partners, and for some they'll stay awake to watch a movie or news than they will do watching each other. 

Just like spices bring out unique taste and aroma in a meal, you can spice up your marriage with intimate moments that will rejuvenate your marriage and fill the heart with the passion and excitement to give your heart to your marriage.
Here are some of the ways you can spice up your marriage with intimate moments. 

Celebrate your Partner.
Sometimes it's good to go out of the ordinary and celebrate your partner, dance with her and make her feel shy of herself. Get him some dresses or things that he loves, not necessarily on his birthdays but could be on any other day. Surprise him, appreciate him for being a good dad, a good man and a great companion to you. If he made you feel loved, make him feel proud of himself, and who knows, he may go out of his way to spoil you the more.

Compliment Your Partner, 
One of the beauties of dating and courting is the fact that everyone is always talking about something beautiful, lovely, adorable, romantic and endearing to each other. Somehow after wedding it seems as though everything is thrashed, and then everyone carries a busy face and a heavy heart looking for one fault, one issue, one complain or anything that will bring quarrel or strife in the marriage. Truth is, even in marriage you're meant to continue dating each other, appreciating each other, complimenting each other, and having great fun with each other. Sometimes you may need to send your children to your relatives so that you can have that solo moment and express love to each other. And I can assure you that you will definitely enjoy yourselves together. 

Play With Your Partner. 
One of the beautiful ways to bond with your partner is through playing with each other. No I don't mean internet games or phone games, I mean those old games that bring couple close and gives you the opportunity to look into the eyes of your partner and mentally commune with each other. Games have a way of realising some stress off the body and bringing a moment of refreshment to couples. So why not try it out and things might just get hotter in your closest. 

Dance With Your Partner. 
I understand that this is new to you and some of you are already giving excuses of how you can't dance or how you're too busy for a dance. 
Well, I'm not asking you to break your waist or do something strenuous. Just a moment of holding each other, dancing to a cool melody or something beautiful. Creating an atmosphere for bonding with each other and walking down the lane of sweet and beautiful memories with your partner. This can create moments of trust, truth and freedom with each other. Sometimes that's all you need to unravel the intimate passion in your partner. And yes it's not a sin or a crime for couples to listen to romantic songs and dance to it. 

Go For Vacation Together. 
Sometimes the house may look boring and things look stagnant. Sometimes you may notice that your wife seems a bit cold with everything or sometimes your husband maybe engrossed with work, responsibilities and life challenges. I think that's the perfect time for a vacation. You don't necessarily need to travel around the world, you may just leave the city for a village or leave the city for a beautiful tourist sites or environment. Observe nature, and relax in a cool and lovely atmosphere where all that matters is love and happiness. 

When last did you celebrate your partner? Or are you always in the habit of always complaining about everything he does and everything she says? How about playing with her and dancing with him? Don't you think now is the perfect time to take each other on a vacation?
Marriage shouldn't be boring when both of you can create a beautiful and intimate moments with each other. 
I am addicted to happy couples, and I pray and hope that you won't lack all that you need to enjoy your marriage with each other.

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