Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How Do You Answer Sex-Related Questions during Courtship?

Good evening Aunt Amara. Always appreciating you on your endless efforts to put people in the right paths. Please I have a question to ask concerning the issue of knowing your partner's sex life during courtship (not having sex but talking about the
sexual fantasies and all the adventures in your mind).
Being a novice in sex issues, though have read some things, how do you answer the questions of for instance: what sex position do you like? Do you like blow jobs? What part do you like touching? What part or action gets you to the mood easily? Do you like anal sex? etc.
Honestly, those questions are difficult for me to answer because I don't know them.

Let's me start by educating you on what these questions are and why it is very very necessary that you have an understanding of what they're so that they will guide you as you prepare for marriage.
You don't necessarily need to have sex with your fiancé to discuss about sex, but you need to have an understanding of your roles and duties to your partner in marriage to help you cleave with little or no discomforts or challenges.

Sex Positions.
These are the positions that husband and wife adopt during sexual intercourse. There are over one hundred sex positions that couples can adopt during sexual intercourse, and depending on the partners involved, they can create and recreate their sexual positions depending on the impact or the comfortability of the sexual positions.
There are some positions that gives room for maximum thrusting while there are some positions that may be a little uncomfortable or painful.
We have missionary position, doggy style position, spoon position, butterfly position, reverse cowgirl position, standing position, sitting position amongst others.

Oral Sex [Fellatio / Cunnilingus]
Oral Sex is stimulating the erogenous zones or private part of your partner with your tongue or lips or mouth. When a lady licks the penis of her husband or uses her mouth to give a loving sensation to her husband while caressing the testicles, it is called Fellatio. When a man patiently and generously uses his tongue or lips to lick with love and affection her clitoris or her vulva, it is called Cunnilingus.
These are selfless ways of connecting with your partner and giving each other pleasurable sensation and foreplay before penetrative sex.

Erogenous Zones.
These are the areas that excites the hormones and ignites the body for sexually related activities. There are areas in the body of an individual that has the sensitivity of arousing sexual intercourse when touched. Some may have an idea of their erogenous zones but some may discover their erogenous zones during foreplay and sexual intercourse.

Anal Sex.
This is when the man inserts his penis inside the anus instead of the vaginal opening. Also it is when a lady inserts a sex toy inside the anus of a man.

**Please do not marry any man who has fantasy for anal sex or a man who prefers masturbating to sexual intimacy with his wife, or a man who is bisexual. (Just a suggestion though)

Why is it necessary to discuss everything about sex before marriage.

1. To have a mutual agreement of sexual perception before marriage.

2.  To help each other prepare for their duties and responsibilities in marriage.

3. To help the partners appreciate their individual perceptions of sex and also be open to learn and grow in their sexual intimacy.

4. To help the partners communicate effectively with each other and also discuss their sexual frustrations or struggles in marriage.

If you don't have an understanding of sexual intimacy before getting married, you may end up with some unpleasant surprises and frustrations with sexual compatibility.
There are some men who have no understanding what foreplay, wetness, and orgasm is about. There are some men who delights in sucking the breast, and there are some men who prefers anal sex.
It is in discussions like this that you will understand his sexual orientation, fantasies and expectations in marriage.
This is also a time to find out what his fantasies are and perhaps learn more about his sexual history and HIV status.
Just like you already know, you will need to understand your body, your menstruation, your ovulation which is your most fertile period in your cycle, and your body mechanism.
You may not need to have a specific answers to these questions but when you're married, I believe that you will understand better and make necessary adjustments in your bedroom.
You don't need to impress him by telling him what is not true but you can utilise the opportunity to learn from him and also prepare yourself for marriage.
There is nothing to be shy about because sex is not what to be ashamed of but it's as naked as nakedness.
Once you're married, please open your heart and soul and enjoy the sunshine of his penis, desire sex as long as he arouses your system, learn from him, and teach him ways to get you satisfied, and I can assure you that you won't struggle to enjoy sex with him.

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