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The Woman and Her Vagina

We may not accept it, but the fact remains that a good number of relationships have broken up because of this foul odour emanating from the vaginal area. Some men have lost interest in sex with their wives because of the inability of the woman to take proper care of her "no-tresspass zone".
Now, let's look at those things we do wrong
Lack of Exercise
Are you one of those who believe exercise is just for weight loss?You are wrong; exercise goes a long way to affect your sex life.The more weight you gain, the more difficult it becomes for your man to enjoy sex with you. Lack of exercise  will make your vaginal muscles weak. I am not saying you have to become skinny; whatever the size, make sure you are fit. You can be skinny and not flexible and you can be big and flexible. Don't just exercise for sex; exercise to keep your muscles intact.
The best exercise to improve sex is the Kegel squeeze-basically strength training for your pelvic muscles which hold up your vagina, uterus, anus, bladder, and urethra.The stronger the muscles are,the more intense your orgasms will be.Try to stop urine flow when you pee.Hold the squeeze for 5 seconds, then release.You can also squeeze your pelvic area while coking in the kitchen or right there in your office.
Doing 50 to 100 Kegel squeezes a day will
help keep those muscles in good shape. Take it easy on yourself, walk before you run. Don't do Kegels constantly because it can lead to urinary tract and bladder infections.
Wrong Choice of Underwear
That a particular underwear looks nice doesn’t mean it is good for you. Always go for cotton underwear. Avoid panties made from synthetic fabrics as these inhibits the circulation of air around the vaginal area,creating the ideal damp,warm condition for bacterial growth.Cotton is by far the best fabric to wear and if you enjoy wearing silky underwear, save it for occassional rather than everyday use. In addition to this, avoiding constant wearing of tight fitting trousers, panty hose, and girdles will help.
Poor Hygiene 
I get goose pimples whenever I hear women talk about going to bed sometimes without having their bath. Some celebrities have even confessed to it on national television. Are deodorants and perfumes supposed to take the place of a good night bath? How can a woman go to bed without a night bath? Some even sleep with their bras and panties on; this is not healthy. Smelling good outside doesn’t mean you are clean inside. Always keep your feminine body clean and dry.
Please avoid those douching products in the market .They do you more harm than good.They are one of the major causes of vaginal itching.Your vagina doesn’t require cleansing other than normal bathing with very mild and moisturizing feminine wash. While using feminine wash, please be sure it has its PH balanced. Douch only under medical supervision. Repetitive douching disrupts the normal organisms in the vagina and can actually increase the risk of vaginal infection. Douching wont clear up a vaginal infection. It will rather leave you with more serious itching and discharge.
Scented and Harsh Soap
Don’t use scented or harsh soap such as those with deodorant and antibacterial action.There are different kinds of feminine wash in the market.These are soap free and safer for you. Just get into your local drugstores and ask for feminine washes like Sebamed, Femfresh, Summers eve, Beauty formular, Vagisil, Equate, etc.These are cheap and affordable. Avoid the temptation to use that sweet-smelling soap.
Also avoid scented tampons and sanitary pads. Keep that can of body spray away from your vaginal area. Feminine sprays end up drying you out. Just wash either with water or with water and a good feminine wash. Coloured toilet paper and too much of bubble bath shoul be avoided by women. 
Wipe from front to back after using the toilet.This stops the spreading of fecal bacteria to your vagina. There are wet wipes all over your local drugstores and grocery stores. If you can, dump the dry toilet tissue for some wet wipes. Cottonelle has done well with their unscented wet wipes. Always have your wet wipes in your restroom and handbag.
Use of Public
I personally try my best to avoid public toilets. I trained myself not to use them; you can do that too. I also know that no matter how hard we try, nature sometimes can't be subdued. If you regularly use public toilets, it's safer having a small bottle of antiseptic in your bag to wipe the toilet seat before use. Never use it on your vaginal area as that can lead to itching. Even when you share toilet with your husband, please always wipe the toilet seat before use. Also make sure the toilet is properly flushed before use.
Now, dear husbands, please help your wife. Raise the toilet seat before urinating. Mothers, teach your sons to raise toilet seats before use.

Different Sex Partners at a Time
The introduction of sperm into the vagina which has a different PH (acid/alkaline) balance to that in the vagina can lead to vaginal odour. Why should you go through your life depending on antibiotics and clotrimazole cream? They will in no distant time weaken your immune system. If you can't keep yourself, please protect yourself. In all, faithfulness in a relationship matters. 
Your Diet
Endeavour to have a glass of natural yoghurt everyday especially when you have vaginal itching. You can also rub the yoghurt on the vaginal skin. Having garlic as part of your diet is also recommended. Avoid too much of spicy and refined foods.Take enough water for cleansing. You would be tempted to, but please avoid excessive washing of the vaginal area as that can only make the itch worse. 


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  12. Thanks a million aunty.pls a question. Must one insert her finger into the vagina while washing?,some of my fellow girls say they insert their finger inside to remove particles,is this advisable??, thanks ma

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  16. just to add to what Aunty has said. When you experience any form of itching ,foul smell or discharge different from the usual female discharge;please go and see your doctor don't just go a chemist or drug shop and get antibiotics because some of those people i.e the chemist are out to make their own money so they pack antibiotics and give to to start taking which you end up abusing the drugs. Please see not just a doctor but a consultant and he will request for a test. The most often requested test in such cases will be an HVS M/C/S and also vaginal infections are mostly caused by;parasites (Trichomonas vaginalis), fungal (Candidiasis) and disruption of the vaginal ph(Bacterial vaginosis). It's only in very rare cases that bacteria affect the vagina because bacteria are inhabitants of the vagina and it's only when we do some of these things that aunty mentioned and change the ph of the vagina that those natural inhabitants of the vagina start reacting and this always lead to Bacterial vaginosis. Staphylococcus, is not an infection of the vagina Its only In rare cases such an incomplete abortions where by the womb get infected and it causes a discharge which makes you to know that something is wrong somewhere but in such cases an Ecs M/c/s is best. That is an endocervical swab. Please let me stop here ladies please take care of you VGC


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