Friday, May 18, 2018

I am Tired of Searching for my Wife.

Aunty m good day, wishing you the best life could offer. Aunty since my ex left me in 2013, I have not had a serious relationship. To be straight, I have followed your advice that says, "if you want church girl go for one, don't marry a club and take to church".
Aunty, since my ex left me, I have been looking for a wife.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How Will a Man know if a Lady is Sexually Attracted to Him?

Hello Ma, Good afternoon. Though it may sound strange but it is true. It is true that there some guys(Brothers) who will and could keep to the Bible standard of "Marriage is bed undefiled. But the truth still remains that sex in marriage isn't something to be swept under the carpet. However, God's command MUST be kept!
Now Ma, here is my puzzle that needs your solution . In what way(s) could a Bro/guy know if the girl in question is equally sexually attracted to him?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How Do I Cope with a Husband who Treats me as a Stranger in His Life?

How best can I manage a husband that believes that whatever he has is for him and his family excluding me and our kids. His brother is his next of kin(he's married with kids) while I come from no where.

How Do I Leave Him with my Children?

Hi Amara good morning please I need your advice. This June will make it ten years of marriage with three girls and, presently five months pregnant.
My issue with my husband is that he doesn't respect me, uses a small oppportunity to insult me and call me names. I have endured this emotional abuse for long although he hasn't laid his hand on me, but what I go through emotionally is too much for me now to bear.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Does He Have any Love for Me?

Dear Amara,
As I write, I am still confused and wondered if my hubby ever had any love for me.
I came home on a journey, I was all stressed out and very moody(am pregnant too). That same night, hubby wanted to have sex, but I was so tired, he was touching me, but I was not really on.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Could He be Looking for an Reason to Dump Me?

I need advice..
I met this guy some months ago and he is based in Abuja.
We got talking and all, and I had this job I was doing, a secretary job, and resigned because the company wasn’t paying.
So when we met, he thought of finding me another job.
But I had this challenge, I didn’t finish school so I had to tell him.
I told him immediately after I met his mum.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What is my Self-worth in His Life?

I am finding it hard knowing my self worth. I am 25 years old, married with a child. My husband and I stay apart because of his job.

All throughout my three years and five months of being married to my husband, it has been hellish.. Ranging from abuse from his family and from him. No physical abuse though but the mental torture and emotional blackmail I have endured in these years have really had its tow on me.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Am I Overreacting or Wasting my Time with Him?

Good day ma.
Please I need your sincere advice on this to know if I'm being patient or wasting my time.
Been married for five years plus now, and no child because my hubby has a low sperm count which he last treated medically

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

His Attitude is Driving me Crazy!

Well hi, my problem is, I have been with a guy from June 2006, he is really nice, trustworthy, a no-nonsense person, fun,  basically everything, he also really loves God and takes his ministry as a musician and the church builder seriously. Everything was good till January 2017 when he left to work in Montego Bay with a pastor. He's always busy and seemingly doesn't have time for me, I remember in April, thereabout, I was talking to him on WhatsApp,

Friday, April 6, 2018

I Feel so Confused and Sad!

Good day ma.. I need your advice and that of your fans. How do I handle this issue cos I am really not happy....
We have been friends for eight years but started having sex this year (just once). He's based in Senegal, whereas am in Nigeria..though l knew him before he travelled out....
Far back in 2012, this guy proposed to me on Facebook, l really love him but the problem was that he never ask me out nor asked me to be his girl...
I just laughed over it and told him that l will marry him on Facebook, then he asked me if I can't marry him in real life, my response was that he should let me know when he is ready, and that was how his communication seized.
Could you believe this guy came back the same year, and didn't borther telling me. When l found out, I asked him why, his response was that ''why would he call me when I made him feel rejected", and  I apologised.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Marriage: I Want to Run before He Kills Me!

Good evening Aunty Amara, please I need your advice and it is very vital.
I am 35 years old, married with two kids (two boys), my first is 2 years old four months while the other one is seven months.
Since I got married to my husband, I have not had peace because he has revealed his true self: he drinks excessively, keeps late nite, smokes, takes hard drugs like codeine and all, he also womanise.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ever since I got Pregnant, He's been Acting Weird to Me!

Good evening ma, I met my boyfriend in December and we started dating in January. I just found out that I am pregnant for him and he insists that I terminate the pregnancy. I told him I won't want to subject myself to such,

Don’t Be Stagnant; Better Yourself

I’ve had many wives and husbands complain to me about their spouse’s change of attitude because of change in social status either as a result of promotion at work or better business opportunity.

Inasmuch as I don’t support that attitude toward ones spouse; inasmuch as I strongly feel that we should stand by our spouses and treat them right at all times, I also believe that the spouse at the receiving should help himself or herself.
What do I mean? Yes, you started life from the scratch with him or her, but that’s not a good-enough reason to remain stagnant. You see your spouse getting more education; you see your spouse getting trainings on etiquette; you see your spouse self-educating himself or herself via the internet and instead of you thinking of better ways to improve, you waste your time and bandwidth on gossip with friends that have no vision for their lives. You waste your time on movies when you should be doing more meaningful things.

Your spouse loves you and appreciates everything you have helped him/her to get through in life. But sir/ma’am, you need to help your spouse to help you. Step up and learn how to put colors together, the best dress for your body type,  and what hairstyle goes with what. Learn how to walk and carry yourself in public. Learn your dining etiquette. Don’t tell me it’s too much of a waste of time; you need it for that new status. Don’t tell me you should be accepted by your spouse just the way you are; it’s difficult and if you love and care about his or her career, you would step up.

I have heard Pastor’s wives complain about  their husband giving their place in ministry to someone else. If you cannot do those things efficiently, I’m sorry madam, but the ministry needs someone more efficient to handle it. Maybe no one has told you this hard truth.

I was once with a man who would jump lines and fight for food at events. By God’s Grace, I cook real good and he bragged about my expertise in the kitchen before Friends. When he finally gets the food, he eats like it’s running away.  People would be smiling at me in disgust while he did all that. He knew no shame. The shame became unbearable that I had to leave him at  an event to go back to the hotel room. The worst part of the whole thing is that he wasn’t going to listen to you when you have to talk about it at home.
Ladies and gentlemen, if the food doesn’t get to you, please be calm and enjoy yourself. Don’t go fighting for it.

Here is the conclusion of the matter: When you see your spouse developing him/herself, don’t fold your hands, please do same for yourself.

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Benefits of Kegel Floor Muscles Exercise

Kegel floor muscle exercise is one of the best exercises that ladies and men need to fully enjoy sexual intercourse and have maximum pleasure in the act. 

In this article, I will be highlighting benefits of Kegel floor exercise, and why you should consider exercising your floor muscles.

  • Intense Pleasure. 

How Do I Liberate myself from Emotional Trauma in my Marriage?

Greetings ma, please I need your soul consoling advice.
I am a 25 years old lady married to a military man, I have been battling this case of infidelity since I married him for two years now.
I have applied all the tactics I know both involving his elder brother but
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