Friday, October 21, 2016

How Do I Convince My Mum To Accept Her As My Wife?

Dear AVL, firstly I want to commend you on your amazing efforts targeted at reviving broken homes and shattered relationships. I am 29 years old guy from Kogi State, my first experience with opposite sex was terrible, this made me to embark on long time break, although I wasn't in love then but lust and youthful stage exuberant.

My Mum Is Frustrating My Traditional Wedding Plans.

Good evening ma'am. God bless you for the good work you are doing. You are a blessing to this generation. I have written to you once.... and your advice went a long way... but seriously I need your advice and prayers .. My story is a bit lengthy.
I am heartbroken and in tears, and why it's paining me so much is that is not even coming from my man but from my mother....

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Should I Get Pregnant Before Introduction?

Hi, good evening ma. Please ma help me out here, my ex came back to me and asked for forgiveness but now the conditions he's bringing is kinda confusing to me, "he wants to marry me but I'll first get pregnant for him before he'll meet my people",

I'm Tired Of His Childish Attitude.

Good day ma'am,
I need your help. I'm 26yrs old.
I was in a relationship recently. The relationship started in 2014 and it was for marriage.
I'm an independent lady. I don't believe in asking people for money but if I have money in excess, I give freely.

My Partner Hardly Apologises.

Hello ma
Good day to you. I commend you for the role you play in securing and establishing relationships. God bless you.
This isn't my account ma...but I believe you can give me advice on how best to manage my beautiful relationship of three years with my husband to be.

I Never Liked Him At All.

Good evening aunty Amara, am writing to you with deep pains and confused mind. Sorry my story is long but I will try and summarizes it. Am a victim of heart break, God used that to turn me into what I am today, I never knew what God's purpose is for me till I experienced heart break, he made me understand really who I am. I promise to summarize my story, let me try and do that.
After my heart break, it wasn't easy to start life again but with God by my side and the encouraging words from my mum and others,

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Is It Worthy To Be With Someone Who Has Dumped You Three Times?

Dear Aunt Amara,
Thank you for all your good works! Please I need your wisdom on this. I am 25 years old, my last relationship was two years ago with a guy who I love up to today, but he broke my heart  by dumping me claiming that he is no longer in love with me!!
It was a very difficulty time for me because he was my first love, we had three years together. Aunty I was younger then and it was my first relationship, I did some dumb things but I was always ready to learn!!

How Do I Trust A Wife That Lies?

Good day Amara. I bless God for what He's been using  for... I have been following you here for over three years and l must say  thanks for the good job you are doing. Please I need your advice as soon as possible.
Am 35 and my wife is 31 years of age. We met while I was in Europe and she lives in one of the western countries. We dated for over two years though a distance one.  But our communications was superb because we talk without ceasing- morning, afternoon and night. We talked at least for hours on working days and more on our off days or weekends both voice and video calls and she visited me once.

We Are Having Issues Based On Religious Beliefs.

Good morning Aunty, please I need your urgent advice. I have been in a relationship since a year and some months now, my guy loves me and I love him too, but for the past few months now we have been having issues based on religious beliefs,

Should I Date The New Lady?

Good morning aunt Amara. Please I need your advise on an issue that's bothering me. My ex and I dated for five years through school and when we went for service, she found a new person and called off the relationship. Though her parents were not in support and after service somehow we came back.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Have Pleaded To No Avail.

Greeting Aunty Amara...Thanks for the great job you are doing here.
Please ma I want you/fans to look into this am heart broken.
I met my guy two years plus now, we were just friends not until few months back we started dating full time.
I travelled, came back meeting my guy a changed person.. I tried to know what the problem was but he refused communicating with me telling me he is fine..
I came to notice he was bankrupt, I gave him the little I had just to make him feel happy yet to no avail...

Should I Give Him A Second Chance?

Aunty Amy, thanks for your help so far but I need your help on this. 
Am 31, l met Mr "A" four years ago, we dated for two years and broke up, after a some months he came back pleading for us to be back together, but l refused. Early this month l went for a wedding close by to his house l just decided to pay him a surprise visit of which l have told him I will visit him unaware one day.

Should I Wait for Him Or Move On With My Life?

Aunt, l must confess l have learnt a lot from your page, please ma help me, l need your advice, am sorry it will be a bit lengthy but I want to pour my heart because am losing it here. 
Am 31 and he is 37, am a graduate running my masters too, he got a job in October last year in my school and I met him in March via his colleagues, we got talking and he told me he wants to settle down with me. 
In April he took me to his sister that helped him secure the job, she saw me and disliked me with reasons that am not

Monday, October 17, 2016

How Do I Stop Being Jealous With His Attitude Towards Ladies?

Good morning aunty. Hope you are fine? Please post this for me. I started dating my boyfriend July this year and I must confess that he has been so caring and nice even when it's a distance relationship. He buy me gifts I like whenever he visits,

Is There Any Possibility Of Him Becoming Violent After Wedding?

Thanks for all you do AVL, I will like to hear your opinion about this. I'm in a relationship with a wonderful man. He is every girl's dream man, and we are preparing to get married next year, so to prepare for our marriage we have vowed to be transparent to each other and talk about everything. Sometimes we disagree on some issues but there is this issue that whenever we bring up bothers me a lot.
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