Friday, March 16, 2018

Am I Being Difficult to Him?

Good afternoon ma, thank you for being there for couples in these times. Ma, I am married with kids, my hubby is God fearing man, and tries to be good to me and the kids; provides and loving; he is hardworking and is also a private person being an artist too, but he is so wrong willed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

He's Acting Strange!

When my fiancé asked me out, I thought he was just trying to play me. At first, I wasn't ready to accept him until he started sending me some marital messages and later told me that coming close to me isn't a joke.
That he truly loves me, he want us to plan for our future together.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Thrust Tips for Men

Many times, you don't need to ask your spouse questions like, did you enjoy sex?, Did I perform or satisfy you? The reason is simply because the body of a woman is designed to tell how you performed in the act.
If she isn't wet enough,

How do I Enjoy Sex with Him?

Good day ma, happy mother's Sunday. I need your help urgently
After I was disappointed by my ex, I made up my mind to stay celibate until the right person comes. I put all my mind in it to the extent I no longer get the urge for sex.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

I am Sexually Attracted to my Daughter!

Right now I feel am the most confused human being on earth and the devil is trying to scatter my home.
I am a 43 years old man, happily married to my darling wife and the marriage is blessed with three kids - two boys and a girl. My daughter will be 15 this year. And here is my problem......

Should I Walk Out and Start my Life All Over Again?

Hallo Amara...I need a sober advise. 
I have been married for 20 years with three children... All through my marriage, it has not been easy, a lot of ups and downs but I have always taken them as the normal life challenges.
In 2016, my husband got involved with a college girl,

Friday, March 9, 2018

Should I Continue with the Marriage Plan or Reconsider my Step?

Hello Madam, 
Thanks for the way you are touching lives positively, it's indeed a great contribution to our society. Please, keep it up and more grace!
I have something that's disturbing me and I consider it pertinent to share it with you and your fans for a candid advice.
Am a 38 years old Seaman, who is into a marital relationship with a 27 years old lady, who's currently doing her Youth service from my house

How Will I get Out of this Situation?

Dear Amara,
My name is Theresa  E and I’m your fan and always feel inspired by your teachings.
At this point in my life I need help, and I’ve thought of where to go only for my intuition to guide me to you!
I’m 31 years old and I’ve been in a relationship for the last four years, this being the fifth one!
Before touching on the deep issues that I have at hand, I would like to appreciate the man in my life, despite the flaws, he’s a caring man and loving, and I won’t exchange that with less!

Is Having Sexual Thoughts a Sin?

Dear Brethren,

When has sexual thought become a sin? If you like, deny it; if you like, tell me I am a liar, the fact is that your teenager is struggling with sexual thoughts and it's a phase he or she must go through. Being born again doesn't mean you stop existing in this world;

Monday, March 5, 2018

I'm Drowning in my Marriage!

Happy new year ma.. it's been a long time.. Trust your family is well... I'm really trouubled!

Good afternoon ma, I'm pregnant with my third baby, started service February. Due to the financial situation in the past two to three years, a lot has gone wrong.

I have had to follow him to several churches for prayers and delieverance just to support him,

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Did I Just Waste Two Years of my Life with Him?

Good morning ma, my heart is broken, I am crying and weeping for wasting two years of my life.
My name is D, I am a corp member serving presently. I have been in relationship with a guy for almost two years. I never liked the guy, was thinking

Monday, February 26, 2018

Hubby Almost Strangled Me to Death!

Good morning ma, hope you are fine. Please read my story, I give me your advice, and tell me where I went wrong.
I will turn 23 by May, I am married, I have a daughter that is a year and two months old. If you ask me my worst regret, it is getting married to my husband.
I don't know how I even got to this point with him. My mistake started when I decided to marry a man

How do I Prevent my Sister-in-law from Destroying my Marriage?

Aunty Amara
Good morning ma. Please I want to know what you and my fellow fans think.
My husband’s elder sister will not let us have peace, and the worst is that this woman is married and will not go to her husband's house.
She lives in my house, she does not know how her husband survives,

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Is Calling Off the Marriage the Right Decision?

Good evening Aunty, sorry for disturbing you this time. I really need your advice ma, it's a bit long, please bear with me.
I wrote to you sometime last year and your advice helped me a lot. Ma, I gave my boyfriend a second chance because he came begging, claiming he is a changed person.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

How Do I Move on After Losing my Dignity and Respect for Love?

Good morning ma. I need advice from you and your followers. My issue is quite lengthy, bear with me. I was in a relationship for twelve years.
Within the first three years I refused sleeping with him since I was very young, and wanted to keep my virginity. He started sleeping with other girls with the excuse of refusing to sleep with him. I later accepted. Along the line I dated someone else. When he discovered, he was furious and I broke-up with the guy. I didn't sleep with the other guy.
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