Friday, June 29, 2018

Should I Keep Up with my Boyfriend or Kick off with the New Guy?

Hello Aunt Amara
I can't seem to access your website that's why I'm in your inbox.
I'll be 28 in some months time and my boyfriend is 33; I love him yes and he says he loves me too, but communication between us is poor. I've complained about this several times but all I get is an apology and a promise to improve, but this promise is never fulfilled. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

I'm Dying of Depression!

Ma'am please I need your advice.... I am at my 32 years old now. In 2016, I got a new job which took me to a very popular city in Nigeria. I stayed with my aunt but after one month of my stay there, I was pleaded by my aunty to introduce me to a guy that was asking her to connect me to his friend that is in search if a wife.
At first I refused because I knew what I was looking for in a man, but later excepted to go on a date with them and I met the man I was introduced to and we both liked ourselves. The next day he asked me out just, the two of us, which I accepted and that was when he told me that he was once married and how badly the lady treated him, and the marriage lasted for just a year before the lady and her family returned her bride price....

I noticed how heartbroken he has been and I decided to love him and make him forget everything.... We talked about our past relationships and I told him I wasn't in any relationship at that time; and that was the honest truth..but he told me after his marriage broke-up that he only sleep with ladies and pay them off, and one lady among the runs girls they use to bring for him was the one he thinks is a nice person, then he asked her to stay with him so he can take care of her.
I asked him why didn't he want to marry her, and he said the way they met and they didn't agree to marry and they were not together anymore..... I accepted

Monday, June 25, 2018

What Should I Not to Lose Him?

GOOD DAY AUNTY AMARA! I bless God for using you to solve problem in so many home.
My name is D, I am in relationship which by his grace we are planning to get married by January. I love this man so much but there is a problem,

Monday, June 11, 2018

Should I Leave the Marriage if He Insists?

Good day ma!.. I need your advice ASAP..
My hubby (bride price paid only) who I am four months pregnant for works abroad and told me before I accepted him paying my bride price, that when he marries me, we will never be apart.. Anywhere he is...I will be, be it London or Nigeria.. That he doesn't want distance marriage..

Saturday, June 9, 2018

I Want to Leave, Please Tell me How!

Good morning ma. Ma, I'm very depressed. Almost suicidal. So many things in my life are not going well. In fact I feel God loves other people more than he loves me. Everything I prayed for, He gives me the direct opposite.
I wanted to be independent before 25, I really wanted to never have to depend on any man. But it's the direct opposite. I feel so so underachieved. I work but I earn so little.

Friday, June 8, 2018

How Do I Confront Him with My Findings?

Good day to you ma, God bless you richly for the good works you are doing. Please I need your advice.
I met a guy in my third year, we have been together for two years now and everything has been going on well between us. He has been very good to me and his family is in support of our relationship.
When we met two years ago, he asked me to tell him my turn off in a relationship, so I told him I can't stand an unfaithful man and I also wouldn't want to marry any man who has a child/ren with another woman, and he said he is free from all of that.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

I Regret Getting Married to Him!

Good morning Aunty, please ma I sincerely need an advice from you.
I got married in 2015 to the man I love so much, he is the kind of man I have wished for but last year April he was attacked by mental illness. Thank God he is fine now though
we go to psychiatric hospital every month. He is not working for now and he helps me in my production business, I produce and he does the supply.
But these are my fears:

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Heartbroken: What Should I Do to make her Stay?

Goood day ma'am.

Thank for the privilege to talk to you. I am grateful.
I am 28 years of age soon to be 29...I am in love with a female friend of mine.... I reunited with her in 2014 though we were classmates back in secondary school... She was in her finals in the university while I was doing my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) program...

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I am Scared of Getting Married and Regretting it!

Hello aunt Amara... I don't know if you still have the previous message I sent to you...
Almost a year down the line, and I am about to marry the man of my dreams in two months time.... He is my best friend, my confidant; he pushes me to be the best, he encourages me and cares for me...BUT he doesn't earn so much,

Friday, May 18, 2018

I am Tired of Searching for my Wife.

Aunty m good day, wishing you the best life could offer. Aunty since my ex left me in 2013, I have not had a serious relationship. To be straight, I have followed your advice that says, "if you want church girl go for one, don't marry a club and take to church".
Aunty, since my ex left me, I have been looking for a wife.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How Will a Man know if a Lady is Sexually Attracted to Him?

Hello Ma, Good afternoon. Though it may sound strange but it is true. It is true that there some guys(Brothers) who will and could keep to the Bible standard of "Marriage is bed undefiled. But the truth still remains that sex in marriage isn't something to be swept under the carpet. However, God's command MUST be kept!
Now Ma, here is my puzzle that needs your solution . In what way(s) could a Bro/guy know if the girl in question is equally sexually attracted to him?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

How Do I Cope with a Husband who Treats me as a Stranger in His Life?

How best can I manage a husband that believes that whatever he has is for him and his family excluding me and our kids. His brother is his next of kin(he's married with kids) while I come from no where.

How Do I Leave Him with my Children?

Hi Amara good morning please I need your advice. This June will make it ten years of marriage with three girls and, presently five months pregnant.
My issue with my husband is that he doesn't respect me, uses a small oppportunity to insult me and call me names. I have endured this emotional abuse for long although he hasn't laid his hand on me, but what I go through emotionally is too much for me now to bear.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Does He Have any Love for Me?

Dear Amara,
As I write, I am still confused and wondered if my hubby ever had any love for me.
I came home on a journey, I was all stressed out and very moody(am pregnant too). That same night, hubby wanted to have sex, but I was so tired, he was touching me, but I was not really on.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Could He be Looking for an Reason to Dump Me?

I need advice..
I met this guy some months ago and he is based in Abuja.
We got talking and all, and I had this job I was doing, a secretary job, and resigned because the company wasn’t paying.
So when we met, he thought of finding me another job.
But I had this challenge, I didn’t finish school so I had to tell him.
I told him immediately after I met his mum.
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