Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Married or Single?

My Dear Brothers,
I decided to say this today because it’s getting out of hand, especially among Nigerian men. I know you won’t like me for this, but it’s okay; I’m used to not being liked...LOL. 

It is 100% wrong, unacceptable, and demeaning to your partner in marriage or in a relationship for you to flirt with every woman you see. Watch your actions on social media. Watch the kind of comments you throw out on pictures of other women. Watch the kind of chats you engage in via WhatsApp and co. Watch the way you stray into their inbox with the compliments. Some of the foolish girls even send you their nude pictures and all that. What do you think their intentions are? 
Watch! Watch! Watch! 

Man or woman, there is a limit to freedom once you become married or in a serious relationship. Yes, you don’t have to lose your individuality, but you will definitely lose some of it. You cannot be married and keep living single. You are either married or single, except you and your wife agreed to an open relationship. Don’t tell me you do nothing with them; you are doing everything with them and publicly disrespecting your spouse. I know what this does to a woman because I was once there and I am happy I took myself out of the mess. It turns a woman to a laughing stock among her peers. Don’t you have the word ‘shameful’ in your dictionary? 
Change your ways!
Show some respect to your woman! 
Be married or stay single!


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