Monday, July 20, 2020

Relax, Let God Be God

If you pray and fast for something that you think you should have and you don't still get, despite praying and fasting with tears, all you need to do is stop praying and wait upon the Lord.

God doesn't need your prayers and fasting to give to you. Giving to you is part of the grand  design for your life He is working to bring into display. You didn't tell him how to make you. He made you the way you discovered you are.

Many of you that have prayed and fasted and gone to all kinds of prayer mountains, and sowed numerous kinds of seeds, still end up not getting anything but ulcers, bankruptcy, and ill treatments of all kinds from the same spiritual directors you have been giving loads of money and attention to. Many of you veer off into the dark lane and dabble into occultism without knowing it.

Have you for instance wondered about the mentally challenged women hanging along our streets? Many of them have not lived in a house for years. Yet they take in and give birth after being sexually molested by those men that don't care about their condition.

They don't pray or fast to take in. All through the time they are pregnant, they feed from refuse heaps and drink from gutters. No antenatal, no folic acid, and they don't go for any kind of medical check up. No proper care whatsoever. Many of them don't eat anything for days. Yet they give birth to healthy and beautiful babies on the refuse heaps. Will you say that God wasn't involved every step of the way?

I have come to realize that God works more effectively in situations where people show little or no care about those things they usually worry about.

I don't know why you are beating and tearing yourself up for not having a single man proposing to you and you are in your 30s and 40s or not having a child to call your own despite the efforts you have made. What are you afraid of? That you might end up old and unmarried, without kids to care for you? God sees those fears and knows they are real. But he has assured you that everything you have need for has already been provided and will get to you at His appointed time.

He refered you to the birds, grasses and lilies and asked you to study them and see for yourself that though they toil not, they are there from ages to ages being provided for by their Maker. He then tells you that you are of greater value to Him than those birds and grasses.

So do as He said. Worry not. If you are sure you have sought the kingdom of God and its righteousness, definitely every other thing will be added unto you, without fail.
I love you


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