Thursday, February 14, 2019

Domestic Violence

Good morning Ma, please i need your advice to guide my next step.
I got married to a young and beautiful lady.She is well behaved,a very good cook and very neat in all areas.
On my own part,i have temper issues which I've been trying so hard to fight,a lot of women have left me because of the anger issue.
My wife is emotionally strong, she doesn't allow certain things to bother her, she will never frown, she will never cry and she won't complain, she'll just keep silent and press the ignore button.
We got into an argument last year December,i got angry and slapped her, she didn't complain, she didn't cry, but later in the night, she just walked up to me and said that when next i lay my hands on her that she will leave,abort the fresh pregnancy and nothing will ever make her return, but i didn't understand the statement until the 2nd of this month,i got angry and slapped her, she still did not say anything,so later i apologized to her and she accepted. I left to my place of work the next day and on getting back,i couldn't find her and her bags, everything she came with even the things she bought in the marriage including combs,spoons,bed spread,brooms,buckets, she left with everything she bought with her money. I got confused and called her line but it was off,i called her elder sister and she said am talking rubbish,i called her brother and he said i must be joking that i should provide their sister.
So after much long story,i went to her parents and asked for forgiveness and i was told to bring my people, when we got there they said their daughter said that she can't continue with the marriage that i may kill her one day,so she better remain single and alive that she can't tolerate such from any man.
Like play like play,they said they want to return the bride price because they've talked to her and she refused. I cried,my parents begged her but she said never.
Please,help me because i can't let her go,no woman will take care of me the way she does.
Thanks you Ma.

Dear Sender,
I feel for you at this time and I hope God hears you. But I also want you to know that your wife is too precious to God that He will not allow her lose her life to a man that can not control his emotions.
Instead of asking for your wife to come back, I think you should focus more on working on yourself as her coming back won’t make you change. She is a good woman who has left you just like many other women did because they wouldn’t want to end up in the grave before time. Sign up for anger management classes with a counselor. Prayerfully work on yourself before asking her to come back. Who knows? God may work on her and she’ll come back to you, but you have to change first. I have seen people reunite after bride price is returned and divorce completed.
All you need now is that change that only the Holy Spirit can bring, plus anger management sessions. I wish I can talk to your wife, but it would be wicked of me to talk her into her death.

This is a big lesson for every violent man out there. Whether you abuse her physically or emotionally, a day will come that you’ll lose that woman. When a woman begins to act like there’s no problem, you no longer exist in her heart and that’s when you should be worried because it’s signifies the beginning of an end.
Repent today if you don’t want to lose that good woman. When she’s gone, only God can bring her back if it’s in His will. You can scream hell down and use all sorts of blackmail; she won’t look back.


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