Sunday, April 14, 2019

She Has Body Odor

Good evening, Madam.
Thanks for this great medium, you are touching people's lives through...
May God continue to bless you mightily, Amen.
Please, I need your advice & that of your good fans on the issue that is bothering me.
I'm a man of 39years & in a 6months relationship with a lady of 29years. We are graduates, Am working - a good job & she's currently a corps member. We love & trust each other, to the length that she even shared with me, her dirtiest secret of having dated a married man with children & I didn't use it against her.
Though, we've not had sex but we flow very well in communication & enjoy our company.
To be frank, I've found happiness & peace in her because of her character - She is sincere, open, real, practical, kind, respectful, loyal & appreciative.
Am intending to propose her after her National Youth service & marry her in December but I just discovered that she has body odour which is turning me off... Though, it's only when she does a hard work & sweat, you will perceive it badly.
Please, do we have remedies for body odour, to enable me help her get rid of it. Thanks for your time.

Dear Sender ,
Quite true; body odor is repulsive and frustrating. It is the bacteria on the skin which mixes with sweat that brings about the odor. When waste products of bacterial metabolism of keratin combines with sweat, it gives off a sulphuric smell as the odor. People with higher keratin secretion will produce more odor. 

Insufficient bathing or poor hygiene can lead to an unpleasant odor secreted by the apocrine glands, located in the underarms, genitals, and around the nipples, and the eccrine glands, found in the underarms, hands, and feet, when they interact with skin bacteria. The sebaceous glands, located in the scalp, face, and chest, produce oil, which has a light odor with or without bacteria. “If people have poor hygiene bacteria can build up on the skin and create more than just bad body odor,” Dr. Jennifer Burns, physician at The Bienetre Center in Phoenix, Ariz.

There are things she can do at home to tackle this

  1. It’s best to splash apple cider vinegar under the arms when she gets out of the shower, but not immediately after she has shaved her underarms. This is safe for the skin as long as it’s unbroken. 
  2. Baking soda does wonder when it comes to body odor. She should mix with lemon juice and water and apply before shower. 
  3. Drinking green tea regularly will help her
  4. Foods like orange, lemon, seafood, and yogurts will help 
  5. She can mix mild quantity of hydrogen peroxide with bathing water, or drop a piece of alum in her water. 
  6. Shave her underarm and genital hair 
  7. Above all, maintaining a high level of hygiene is required. She should change her clothes and under garments often.

Encourage her to take these steps. I am happy to know that you want to help her rather than considering it as a reason to walk away. 

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