Thursday, February 7, 2019

Spirit Spouse: How Real is it?


This is one of the hottest discusions in several religious circles, particularly christianity or rather christendom, traditional, and eastern religions.

There are three major opinions that exist around the issue.. 

It is real
It does not exist
Neutral about it and have nothing to say

As a believer, I also have an opinion and want to believe that my opinion is well backed by scriptures. There are certain conditions that people find themselves which make those that believe in it to suggest that such one has a spiritual spouse
-When you are unmarried till a very advanced age
-When you are unable to maintain one relationship all through life or you have multiple divorce cases
-When your relationship that should end in marriage suddenly crashes and it repeats itself
- When you are a victim of domestic violence and its termed that your spiritual spouse is trying to destroy your relationship or marriage.
- When as a woman, you experience miscarriages, still births, barreness, or you give birth to children with queer character
- When as a man, you have difficult financial situations, failure to maintain your role as head of the home, ill-luck in keeping a job, impotency, etc
- When as a woman, though married, you still attract a lot of men, or you are unmarried and only married men come around you and they usually demand sex...; the list is endless.

Don’t forget; as a believer, I have my own opinion too. 

It is in the bible that I see a woman who Jesus spoke with at a well. She has had six husbands and was living with the seventh. But to my amazement, Jesus didn't say she had a spiritual husband and then booked her for deliverance. He merely brought salvation to her and she was ok.

Still in the scriptures, Tamar had married the two sons of Judah who had died and she gave them no child. Yet when she disguised as a prostitute and Judah unknowingly slept with her, she bore him a child. She wasn't said to have had a spiritual husband.

Still in the bible, Jesus spoke about a woman who married seven brothers. Each of the men died one after the other and none had a child with her till she herself also died. I hoped to see where Jesus related it to a spiritual spouse case, but I saw none.

Still in the bible, Ruth and her sister married the two sons of Naomi who had died. One would have thought that these two ladies came with spirit husbands from their Canaanite home. Yet the same Ruth married Boaz and had children for him. She was David's great grandmother and Jesus came from her lineage.

We also see in the scriptures that many women including Sarah, Manoah's wife, Elizabeth, Hannah, Rachel, etc were barren for a long time till the Lord opened their womb. No spiritual husband mentioned.

And there are so many more. 

What I think is that the situation refered to as spirit spouse syndrome is just one of those earthly challenges that people experience. Some overcome it and some dont just as with every other human challenge. It's just like where one has looked for a job for years and finally gets one after years of believing he or she would.

I know there are cases of spirit-human sexual relationships reported in the bible, such as when angels came down from heaven and had sexual relations with the daughters of men, but those reports had it that the angels came in physical forms of men wheras the spiritual spouse case is a situation totally different in that the spouse is never seen but only believed to be very much in existence and in control.

I know many such people who were said to have spiritual spouses overcome that trend to the chagrin of those that say they have spiritual spouse.

Late marriage, barreness and all those cases usually refered to as spiritual spouse bound, are mere human challenges.

I also know that the forces of darkness is responsible for a good number of human challenges, just as the ones Jesus dealt with directly and that is why Paul told us that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with spiritual wickedness...and these situations can be dealt with through simple prayers, sometimes fasting, positive confessions, and faith in the word of God. But the spirit-spouse syndrome is a barbaric allusion that is deeply rooted  in ignorance and superstition. 

Many people have, out of fear, been defrauded, sexually molested and even used as sex slaves in the pursuit of ending such cases believed to be spirit-spouse syndrome in so-called deliverance and prayer houses. Many marriages have even been totally shattered through such deliverance ministrations.

What do you think dear reader? Don’t tel me what your prayer contractors said; tell me what the Bible says. 


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