Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SEX: More than Skin on Skin

One of the numerous problems marriages face is the negative effects of pornography. So many are addicted to pornography that nothing else defines sex better than that. They have been deceived to believe that what matters in sex is just the latest porn style. What a pity. 

Before marriage, some men are lost in this thing called pornography. A good number of them continue with it in marriage even when their spouse isn't aware. Others quit pornography but not completely and in this case, he now looks at her and touches her in ways that are not about intimacy and oneness, but about meeting his "needs" and fulfilling his internal fantasies. When this happens, there's a void, the kind of emptiness that makes
his spouse feel more lonely and bitter after sex. 

True intimacy occurs when we make the shift from attraction to attachment—deep, connected oneness that enjoys each other even when we aren't attractive.

Feelings change once you live with someone and can have sex every day. But the passion that comes out of closeness, rather than being dependent on attraction, only gets better over the years. This is why you must never let the physical be the major determinant of who you settle down with.

 Everything physical will come to an end someday, somehow. What will matter in the long run is the soul and the spirit. Imagine that person with all the wrinkles; imagine that person on a hospital bed with one leg gone; imagine that person faced with a condition that makes it impossible for her or him to satisfy you. Now tell me; would you still be attracted to that person if it happens?

The six park will go someday leaving you with some pot belly; forget what you see from Hollywood stars (only their man can tell you what the real thing is), the figure 8 body will someday become a figure 0, what happens if all you do is have sex with no genuine intimacy?

To identify where you are in your marriage, ask yourself a few questions:
-Does the anticipation of being together sexually produce feelings of pleasure, excitement, and arousal? 
-Does it produce a feeling of pressure, guilt, or obligation? 
-Do you feel satisfaction, relaxation, and enjoyment after sex?
 -Do you feel guilt, resentment, or anger?

If the anticipation and completion of sexual activity usually produces positive feelings in both you and your spouse, then your sexual relationship is working for you. If one or both are left with negative feelings, then there's a problem.

Husbands, you really need to look into this and do whatever you can t make it beautiful for your wife. Let her feel that genuine intimacy and connection, not the type that comes only when you want to go into her.

I have said this times without number and I say it once more: Men want sex for relaxation; women want lovemaking when they are relaxed and free of stress. If you don't get this right, you will keep having issues in your marriage. That your girlfriend wanted sex whenever doesn't mean your wife will. It becomes a different story the day she is called 'Mrs' because at this point, there are things bothering a wife which never bothered her as a girlfriend. Take care of those things stressing her out; help with the kids and domestic chores whenever you can; give her a spa ticket for relaxation and learn to appreciate the little things she does. 

Quit living in your fantasy world and get real. Develop genuine intimacy with your spouse today. There is more to sex than that mere skin on skin.


  1. I must say I am not a great fan but this write up is beautiful. Wish all men would get to read this. Well done.

  2. I must say I am not a great fan but this write up is beautiful. Wish all men would get to read this. Well done.

  3. God bless you all. Share with friends and family

  4. Sex is a spiritual bonding together of a man and his wife and should be treated as such.

  5. Men don't necessarily want sex for relaxation.. Sometimes when u r stressed u can't have interest in sex

  6. This is timely information for me...looking beyong the physical beauty, thank you Ma.

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