Wednesday, September 28, 2016

He Accused Me Of Cheating On Him.

Good morning ma. God has used you to help a lot of people, I inclusive, more grease to your elbow.
There's this guy who started asking me out in 2012, I initially didn't give in because I was in a relationship, and even when I left the guy I was dating I still didn't agree till sometime in 2014. We got on well till I found out through his Facebook page that he was seeing some else.
I confronted him and he apologised saying that he had given up on me accepting him, and that the lady has been there for him. 
l asked why he didn't tell me, and all he had to say was that he didn't know how to tell me. I opted to leave but he claimed he still loved me and that he wasn't married to either of us so there wasn't any problem dating both of us at the same time.
I was shocked at this statement and kept insisting I wasn't going to be a part of that love triangle. Meanwhile he has been telling me he loves me more than he loves her, not that I'm moved anyway.
I've moved on and I just started seeing someone else, a really good guy and the other guy is raising dust that I'm cheating on him and all that. Honestly I don't see what I've done wrong.
Ma please what's your take on this? Thank you

Maybe he thought that he could manipulate you the way he has been manipulating other girls with 'I love you more than anyone else', unfortunately he met a smart and a wise lady. 
Well, what you owe him is to inform him of your decision to quit his love triangle so that he can concentrate on his other triangles and enjoy as many girls as his pocket can accommodate. 
You didn't do anything wrong by dumping him, because he would have done the same but you were smarter than him.

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