Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Only Problem is Excessive Sex.

Good day ma, please help me I seriously need your advice on this. I have wrote to you concerning this same issue before (Click Here for More) and your advice really helped me a lot but now I don't know if this is ordinary.
I love my hubby and he loves me too but the only problem am having with him now is sex. Am not the type that likes sex but always gave it to him whenever he needs it cos I know it's his right and also my obligation as his wife, but any day I says no to him it will cause a big problem. I don't know if I will say he's not an understanding type when it comes to sex.
Right now am heavily pregnant and this is my seventh month, I have been feeling pains in my abdomen and each time he demands for sex and I say no he'll never agree with me. Last time we quarrelled cos of sex, he told me that since I have decided to be giving him excuses that he will go outside and get it. I thought he was joking but after that day he started keeping late nights, to the extent that he came back around 3am for three nights and when I tried to ask him why, he said I shouldn't talk to him and I let that one go, but the one that is really troubling me now is the one that happened on Sunday night after I came back from church with my children.
I started cooking did some house chores including washing, I was so tired after everything and I started having headache then in the night he woke me up demanding for sex, I told him that he should please allow me to rest that am damn tired, he asked if I took paracetamol I said yes and he said so am trying to tell him that after taking the paracetamol the headache is still there, I told him yes, he did not say anything. He just got up from the bed and left the room and I thought he was going to sleep in my children's room or in the parlour only for me to wake up in the middle of the night and noticed that he's not anywhere in the house.
I tried calling him, his phone was switched off then this morning he came back around 10 am, when I asked him he told me he went for a meeting.
Aunty please help me, this issue is really eating me to the extent that I have sat him down, begged him that he should please bear with me any day I say no to him, he agreed but that has not happened for a day. Sometimes I have to allow him to have sex with me morning, afternoon, night in a day oh just for peace to reign not minding my pregnancy but any day I says no it becomes a big problem.
Please how do I tackle this problem? Please reply me as soon as you get my message cos am dying slowly.

I know that some men have a high sexual libido but I'm afraid your husband may be having a sexual challenge or he's taking something that triggers his desire for sex everyday.
For him to desire sex three times a day, seven days in a week and thirty one days in a month is actually not healthy for him in particular, if that's his sexual routine.
I wouldn't know how consistent he demands for sex is but I will suggest that you monitor the trend so that we can ascertain if he's really having sexual obsession or not.
On your part, since you know the kind of husband you got married to, you may need to adjust your schedule to accommodate this huge responsibility and avoid exposing yourself to sexually transmitted infections by starving him of sex. Though you are heavily pregnant, it doesn't mean that you cannot have sex with your husband except your doctor instructed you not to as a result of some complications or any other issues best known to him.
Engage him in carrying out your daily activities, so that you can have some time to rest and prepare for sex when he needs it. You can get as many pillows as possible to aid for comfort, and relaxation during sex.
You cannot continue to complain that you don't like sex when your husband is hyper active in the bedroom, you will only be inviting two things in your marriage, either infections or pregnancy from a strange lady.
In an event that you don't want penetrative sex, try oral sex, massage him and caress him to ejaculate so that you can sleep and not get worried at night. But when you choose to be passive about sex, you empower him to always desire penetration every now and then.
I feel your pains really but I can only suggest that you adopt some control measures and then monitor the trend of his sexual demand so that you can ascertain if he's sick, into sex enhancers or something of that nature.
Though sex is healthy and helpful for pregnant women, excessive sex might just be too much for you to contain with your daily activities.
If his sexual drive is threatening your health and safety, please return back home and explain your reasons for your decision so that you can put to bed and take good care of yourself before returning back to him.


  1. You can find alternative ways of making love, that isn't penetration. A hand job or blow job

  2. I suggest u cooperate with either your mom and leave the house for some time or cooperate with your doctor to tell him to stay away for a while so you can rest sexually and that your prenagcy is been threatened.

  3. But she can't leave home forever cuz ur hubby is hyper active,i suggest u advice him to see a doctor but if that how u married him then u adjust,else he needs a sex therapist


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