Thursday, June 30, 2016

She's Acting Strange.

Good evening Auntie Amara, I wish to present my warmest greetings to your very eminent self and also your distinguished fans here. I am a man of 28 years,a graduate, just rounded off NYSC some months back. Am yet to secure a lucrative job so things are very tough on me. I have a serious issue that is killing my soul every second.
During my NYSC days, there is this Corp member girl that I became very close to, in fact we use to pass the night in her room usually. Though she was a junior Corp member, we became so close that we started having sex.
The first sex happened like this: we were on her bed, she rose up and removed my boxers and started massaging my penis. She started saying I have hairs around my ass, she liked it. So I was just there shaking on the bed as she was doing this. I then asked her whether she was tempting me, she said I should be smart. So that was how I removed her pants, locked the door and made love to her. It was too surprising for me. This has never happened before between me and a lady.
The second sex happened almost the same way again(she led me to it). I was on a side of her too. She invited me to one and lie beside her. Guess what(**I'm seriously not guessing with you.. Lmao), she was not wearing pants this time and after the first round, she invited me again to have another round. But while we were named, she told me we are not dating.
After some weeks, she changed drastically. She told me to give her space. She told me to stay far from her. I was so hurt because I love this girl to a very great level. Made several efforts to bring her back close but she insisted never to come close. I was highly devastated. I have shown this girl so much love.
While on NYSC, I sent money to her account, bought her undies, gave her money, gave her airtime always, and other kindness such as helping her with her lesson notes and other school works. We teach in the same school.
After I passed out of NYSC, I have continued to show her love of all kinds like before but she has changed lately. She busy my calls for two weeks now. Please help me out. I am so frustrated and bitter.
Please am sorry for this long article. Please advice me on how to manage this. Am dying night and day, the girl is still serving. Thanks a lot ma.

It's possible she's reacting that way because she wasn't interested in dating you but in having sex with you. This could be because she's dating someone else and felt that she cheated on him when she had sex with you. It might also be that she felt used and cheap to have had sex with you so easy with little or no effort or something like that. 
She may be acting that way because she wasn't necessarily attracted to you and as a result doesn't want to have anything to do with you. 
It's also possible that she took in and had to do something to get rid of it or to avoid you and she couldn't stand your presence or your affection for her. 
You may take a step further and meet with her so that both of you can talk about the relationship and also find out why she's acting strange whenever you reach out to you.
In any case, if she's not interested in dating you and she openly declared her intentions to you, kindly bid her goodbye and consider dating a lady who is emotionally available for a relationship. 
While casual sex can be a sweet romance, it comes with a lot of casualties like sexually transmitted infections and diseases, unwanted pregnancies, destiny destruction and spiritual weakening. I will suggest that you avoid casual sex and prepare yourself financially, emotionally and spiritually to avoid distractions, and wastage that comes with casual living.

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