Thursday, September 18, 2014

Men are Unfaithful; Women are Ungrateful

Hey; I was maltreated and badly bruised for fourteen years. When it ended, I didn't go out there shouting that all men are bad. I continued trying, giving love, and believing in love. It took time before the right man came but coming in contact with the wrong ones educated me and granted me the opportunity to know the right one when he showed up.
That girl hurt you after several years with her and so all we hear from you is that every girl deserves death. You gave your all to that man and at the end of the day, you were battered, abused, and dumped. My dear woman, you haven't done anything exceptional. For fourteen years, I served and if I should use the word 'worship', I did worship him. My friends mocked me and said I behaved like a woman in her 60s. After all the goodness and love that I gave, it ended the way it did, to the glory of God (in everything give thanks).

Have you ever seen or heard me advise any woman to disrespect her husband? Have you ever heard me write or speak against men out of bitterness? Have you ever seen me speak for gender equality in marriage? I speak and fight for women's rights but I do it in accordance with God's word. I am a Christian and if the Bible is my manual, I strive to walk with the standards of that manual even though I fail sometimes, but I will not, with my clear eyes, stand against the word of God.
I allowed God to take me through the process of healing and overhauling; He did and now I am an agent of change used by Jehovah to bind and unite homes and relationships.
My dear girl, whatever you passed or are passing through is not new under the sun, many passed through it and came forth shining and many are still in it but handling it graciously. Stop shouting out everyday in bitterness towards men. Sir, stop hating and instigating your fellow men against women. Stop deceiving the vulnerable and turning their hearts against innocent people. Many have been misled by some angry folks into having a negative mindset regarding marriage. Marriage, my dear young woman/man, is the most beautiful union on planet earth.
There are still many, trillions of good men as well as women out there and I am grateful to Jehovah for blessing me and giving me a second chance to be loved and celebrated by one great king, the hero of my heart. If you go on living in bitterness, there won't be space for God to do a new thing in your life. He has promised to give you beauty for ashes; He has promised to turn your mess and mistake into a message. I gave His Spirit a chance to break, remold, and make everything anew. I kept my heart open to love and even when I failed, I continued running after genuine and true love from God. God can wipe away the pain and scars of yesteryears in a flash, only if you let him. You must first, strive to make yourself Miss/Mr. Right if you want to find Miss/Mr. Right.
Enough of that "all men are unfaithful, silly, nasty, bla-bla-bla"; enough of "women are forever ungrateful and unfaithful". Begin to see everyone as individuals with different upbringing. Stop using your mistake or the mistake of someone close to you to reach conclusions about a particular gender. If you want true love to locate you, you must remain a child at heart. If you are a,ready trapped in one mess, simply take a walk with God and ask Him to handle it His own way. In handling it His own way, He can decide to take you out or go through it with's all for your good. Simply, let His will be done.

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