Sunday, May 24, 2015

Speaking Voices

Good morning ma.

Please my problem is not about relationship,  I just felt I could get a good advice from you and decided to send you this mail.

Am a 200 level student studying mass communication in National open

I luckily
got a job as an assistant accountant with an ICT company and
my friends always make me feel bad when mentioning that am studying
mass communication and at the same time working as an assistant
accountant since accounting has nothing to do with mass communication.

The mistake has been done and am seeking for a way to correct it though changing my course to accounting and starting all over again will not be possible as suggested by my colleagues.

Ma please i want you to guide me on how to get myself out of this mess, I always feel bad at people's opinion about my choice of study, is there any course I can do my PGD outside mass communication to relate with my work? 

Secondly, is there any professional training I can attend to relate with accounting even when am not studying accounting?

Thanks and God bless you.

Expecting your feedback ma.

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