Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why will relations be jealous?

Well done Amara for your good work. Kindly share my experience to your
fans as an insight on my plight, and also help to check whether l made
a good decision or suggest other ways l could have done better.
Your own contribution will be of immeasurable value.

I had my fourth a boy for about four years now and not even my mother

nor the said brother had come to see him till today. I provided for
all these in the way I could. I have done renovations and repairs of
houses. I have paid in money to all their accounts as much as I have.
They simply want me to come back and be giving them my salary. They
said am under a spell by my husband. We have reconciled though, but I
am now very conscious of them as I have seen them and their intentions
for me. I still visit them and even celebrate Mothering Sunday for my
mum, but am still very conscious of them as it regards to my children
especially my son.

Why will relations be jealous of one’s progress. I will take good care
of my immediate family. This is all l have for myself now. I will
continue to help them the little way I can. The good Lord that sees
the heart of men will continue to prosper me and pay every man
according to his or deeds. This is always my prayer.

I was compelled to share my experiences when I read about Emmanuel
Adebayor's problems with his family members. Kindly post this on your
facebook page, your blog or both.

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