Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I am so fascinated about sex and marriage, I need advice.

Dear Amara I am a young christian virgin lady who loves God so much. The problem is that I am so fascinated about sex and marriage. I can't wait to have sex, I am, so excited and I look forward to it. I always want to hear what people have to say about their sexual experiences . I have a lot of sexual fantasies .I am waiting on Good to send me the right man. I don't know what to do. I just want to have sex and know what and how it feels like but I want to do it when I am married. These days my body and my organs are springing up. I have a lot of chills of excitement if sex crosses through my mind . The thought of having someone whom I will share my life with makes me so happy. I need you to please advise me on what to do. I don't want to go the wrong way. Is sex that much of a big deal? Please remember me in your prayers. I need God to strengthen and keep me for my future husband . God Bless You abundantly!
Dear sender,
Sex is a world of its own with many excitements, curiosity, fantasies and excitements.
Every living thing have their various ways of responding to sex and a way they bond to sex.
Sex is the most powerful tool of human creation, we are all a product of sex and that tells how powerful sex is in creation.
It comes with great responsibilities and one that must be attended to with utmost preparation, care and maturity.
Most times its the lack of understanding that pushes many into engaging in sexual relations when they are mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually unprepared for the consequences and responsibilities that comes with sex.
It is also during sexual intercourse that most individuals are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases and infections and also unwanted pregnancies which most often renders the woman in particular with no future.
Sex is a big deal and make no mistake about it, it comes with a great deal of prize to pay especially when you casually venture into it.
It is normal as your organs springs up and vibrates at every thought and discussion of sex but beloved please do not empower your fantasy by engaging into pre marital sex.
It may burn you up and reduce you to a single mum and worse still destroy every vision and plans you have for your life.
Put your heart not on sex, or sexual issues but in your academics and your future.
Avoid watching romantic movies or reading romantic novels or magazines.
Do not surround yourself when with those whose discussions and meditations are on sex.
Help your children and yourself get the very best in life by not indulging into premarital sex.
Because God has not banned us from having fulfilling sexual experience in life but has provided a safe, secure and satisfying platform for us to enjoy fulfilling sex in Marriage, please be patient and wait for the right time when you can experience sex like you so much desire.
I am proud of you.


  1. I once was like you. Loved God very much, looked forward to sex and marriage, but I lost it somewhere. One of the reasons why I choose my husband was because I had sex with him though was not my intention. I was mistaking love for the sexual experience being my first, which made me so in love with him (not opening my eyes to see his flaws and check to know if I could cope with it) but now I realize that for most men, sex is not love...just a means of satisfying their urge at that time. This leaves me starving in my marriage while my husband satisfies his urge with other women even early in marriage(coming in like 11:30pm - 2;30am at times with condoms and some days the next day,7am without any cogent reason). It has not been easy practicing faithfulness in marriage. But I am still keeping faith. Just that I feel that those sexual fantasies are not being met. Mayb I expect too much(God help me). Why I am saying all this is to encourage you to marry someone that truly fears God 4 real. Such, I think, is the kind of man thatyou will grow with and explore with and he will still be faithful to you cos he fears God. You really need to take the decision of who to marry very serious cos its a life time affair and you deserve to enjoy it after having waited. Maybe God is using me to birth a new life in my husband but believe me, it is better you choose wisely. I pray for you, that that man God has made for u will locate it speedly and you will choose rightly IJN...Meanwhile, do not forget Sis Amara's advise. Focus on your studies, think more about things of God so you will not allow your feelings to overwhelm/control you. keep loving God.

    1. U nailed it dear.sex is worth waiting for.

  2. I think you should focus more on developing yourself. I don't think sex is worth taking your attention. Develop yourself first and remain focus. There is time for everything.

  3. Sex is great but its not worth all the hype! Am sorry but you are setting yourself up to be dissapointed when you eventually have sex, lower your expectations a lil


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