Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Do I leave her or should I press on with her?

Hello Madam, please I need your help, some years back I met this lady and we became good friends, I can tell she loves me and I love her as well. 
Some months back I proposed to her and she said NO. I was so surprised at her response because anybody that knew me thinks we're dating even down to her parents. 
Some weeks ago she came up with the excuse that she's older than me and she wouldn't want to marry a man she's older than. 
Another big issue is that she gets angry at the sight of any lady around me and she will always call me sweet names even in the presence of her friends and siblings. 
There are other ladies around me but she's the only one my heart longs for. 
Do I leave her and move on or do I press on? Please I need urgent attention on this.

Dear sender,
There is a big difference between being friends with a lady and dating a lady proper.
You can be friends with a lady for any reason but she doesn't owe you any allegiance to what happens in her life or owe you any explanation about her love life.
But dating is a defined friendship with a view to working together with one vision, passion and purpose hopeful that someday you and her would accomplish the purpose for the relationship.
When you meet a lady that you admire or adore for any good reasons or purpose you may have, please do not just hang around and tag along as her friend.
The reason is that a lady will only take a man who had the courage to talk to her and express his feelings for her more serious than the man who has been calling and texting and praying on her head.
I felt like explaining this to you so as to avoid giving a lady a misguided signal that may get her confused or probably make her ignore you for another man.
That is how a lady is wired in nature.
Faith cometh by hearing so a lady will only take you serious when you confess your feelings to her and convince her of your vision and plan for her.
As to this present lady, she has told you what she can condone and who she can relate with.
Simply put an end to your plans for her, you may still be friends with her if you choose but you have to realise that she cannot marry a man younger than she is.
Respect her decision and move on.
Do not regard her attitude or reactions as a result of other friends in your life.
Get focused and commit your heart to God.
When you meet a lady who genuinely love and respect you, you wouldn't struggle to convince her to accept you for who you are.
All the best!

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