Saturday, July 4, 2015

His best friend beats me.

Good morning Aunty,am a young lady,i dated a guy for five years,his best friend beats me once in a year and its up to five times now because he wants to date me,i decided to quit the relationship because the guy has given me many bruises on my body.
please i need your advice.

Dear sender,
Please do not condone such barbaric act from anybody no matter who the person is or what they wish to offer.
If a boy that is both confused and tormented decides to lay his hands on your body,please do well to report such a person to the security agencies or the social welfare or the pastor or priest.
Do not keep such information to yourself to avoid putting your life at risk.
If beating you is his way of showing how much he loves you, then he need to be in love with a boxer and not you.
Focus on discovering your potentials and skills in life.
Develop yourself and take responsibility for the decisions you make in life.
When you have identified your purpose and passion in life, you wouldn't condone such a hopeless attitude as beating while your supposedly boyfriend keeps calm.


  1. Funny post, how can his best friend beats you and is your boyfriend doing about it? What business do you have with his best friend is he crazy? Report him to the police or sue him to court if you have evidence. #Ella

  2. Sometimes, I wonder if some posts are real or they are just figments of someone's imagination. #dumbpost#

  3. Hehehe. ..his best friend beat you and you keep quiet without telling your boy friend? Let's us all think out of the box. I won't buy this story because i believe it is half told. The whole truth wasn't revealed. His best friend has no business at all with both of you but did you have an affair with him and you can't say it and you dont want to hurt your man? If nothing happened, your bf best friend cannot just come and start beating you when he is not high...even your own man did not beat you yet you kept it all secret? ???
    A puzzle is missing here..something is not adding up...i don't believe such crap...sorry.

  4. No, I don't understand this post at all. I think there is a mix up somewhere.


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