Friday, July 10, 2015

I have bad breath

I wish to thank you for the good job you are doing. 
I have been following your write-up and they are so wonderful. 
There is this problem that I am having for sometime now and it has been very embarrassing to me. 
I am having bad breath (mouth odor) and have gone to so many hospitals for treatment. 
I have gone to dentist, after seeing me he said that I have no problem with my teeth. Please they used to say that problem when shared could have a solution. 
I write to know if I could get any idea or solution to that.Thanks

Dear sender,
Bad breath can be caused by by some factors which may include poor hygiene.
If you have visited a doctor and they confirmed that you are okay, then you may need to focus on your hygiene.
Brush two times per day and always drink some water at the interval of thirty minutes to one hour.
Whenever you finish eating, rinse your mouth and try licking some sweet.
Buy paste that has much flouride and menthol to give you a fresh breath.
Whenever you brush, focus more on your tongue and do well to brush the deeper area of your tongue.
I would still suggest that you visit a teaching hospital and request to see doctors that specialize in mouth so that they can do some test and ascertain the best therapy for you.

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  1. Dear poster, all wash your mouth twice/three X daily also after washing use a mouth wash remember to also wash your tongue because some people don't wash it while brushing their teeth. You can also use lime after washing you teeth and tongue to rewash it. #Ella


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