Monday, July 27, 2015

Invite Jesus Christ

A song says
When Jesus is in a family 
Happy, happy home
Happy, happy home
Happy, happy home

Do you want peace in your home? Invite the, Jehovah Shalom, He is the Prince of Peace. Do you want divine health in your home? Invite Jehovah Rapha. Do you want righteousness in your home? Invite Jehovah Tsidkenu. Do you want to to experience tranquility on every side, even in the midst of that raging storm? Let Jehovah Nissi take over your battles. 

The sisters of Lazarus invited Jesus. Even though He delayed, He's never late. When The Master arrived, He asked, "where have you laid him?" They couldn't believe their ears because at that point, Lazarus had spent days in the grave. But being the master over all, they took Him to where Lazarus was buried. It took just a few word to bring Lazarus back to life. Is your marriage dead? Have you lost hope? Have you buried it? Have you buried your future? Have you buried your womb? All you need is a word from Jesus. Can't you hear Him saying, "Lazarus, come forth!". 

Dry bones shall live again. Dont bury it yet my beloved. If you have buried it, invite Jesus and show Him where you buried it. 
Just invite Jesus, the difference is always clear.

I decree, by the authority in the matchless name of Jesus Christ, your dead situation shall come back to life.


Designed by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)