Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Is masturbation a sin?

Aunty Amy good evening, more blessing and wisdom to you, i understand the Bible is silent about masturbation and there is no place it was mentioned i have read lots article online on this issue yet am still not satisfied. 
I want to know your view and that of your fans on masturbation! 
As a man or a woman that feels tempted to have sex and you don't wish to, you resort to masturbation to kill the urge is it a sin? 
Thank you.

Dear sender,
If all the articles that you may have read failed to satisfy your curiosity, I'm wondering what I would say that may convince you but I rely on God's word and grace to help me.
The Bible was never silent on masturbation however many chose not to allow the Holy spirit to reveal the truth to them.
When the Bible talks about sexual immorality, masturbation is one of the sexual immorality that crushes individuals and reduce them to slaves of their body.
Why is masturbation a sexual immorality? It is because it is the self romance of ones sexual organs in a bid to derive pleasure to self. What triggers masturbation? Sexual urges which may arise from different factors either positive or negative factors.
Was that how God intended it to be?
The answer is basically no.
How then did God intend that we derive pleasure with our sexuality?
It is when married couples selflessly seek to fulfill the sexual need of the other partner not selfish self sexual exploration.
Do we have reasons to justify masturbation? There is absolutely no reason that is convincing enough to make one masturbate because at the end, the sin is still against the body and the sexual excitement leaves the person sexually frustrated.
Psychologically masturbation is a cave that buries anyone who indulge in it in depression, low self esteem and no responsibility to others.
Masturbation changes the perceptions of the opposite sex and gives the person the impression that he's safe when he/she may be sliding down to depression.
Do you know that masturbation damages the veins that transport blood to the vital organs and sends the wrong neurological information to the central nervous system?
Masturbation before God is a sin and whether you decide to believe it or feel like justifying yourself makes no difference at all.
You cannot be wiser than the God who gave you the life you live today and the body that you feel like defending.


  1. I love your response Ma. You are so so on point. In fact I've come to think that those who masturbate are in dangers of becoming homosexuals because their sexual orientation is distorted. The urge to masturbate is a demonically influenced activity. The only remedy to masturbation is to bind the strong man. Whenever you do things that you don't want to do, it is beyond the physical...demons are involved. God told us to render our bodies including sexual organs as instrument of righteousness.

    Somebody came to me one day to report his inability to stop masturbation and the remedy I gave him was to bind the demon and send him packing and then keep avoiding the filthy things that may stimulate sexual orgies. Again, continuous meditation on the scriptures is a way to renew the already corrupted mind.

    The presence of God is an antidote to sin. The more we spend time with God, the less we fall into temptation. We hide in the glory of God where no demonic entity can manipulate us.

  2. Masturbation as a habit it's usually justified but it's justification will NEVER Make it less sinful. Thank you Aunty Amara for making the truth more glaring to Most of us.

  3. Masturbation is evil.... You have to spend more time studying the word... Cos an idle mind is the devils workshop


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