Wednesday, July 15, 2015

She hardly say sorry.

Please, Advice Me. 
This Is Just one year Marriage. 
My Wife Hardly Say Sorry/apologizes to me Whenever I Tell Her She Hurts Me. 
However, If I Call Her Attention to It, She'll Start Covering Up Herself. 
It Makes Me Sick Everytime. I Usually Don't Deprive Her Apology, Especially When I Either Knowingly Or Unknowingly Hurts Her. 
What Can I Do?

Dear sender,
I know how discouraging her attitude could be especially when all she could have done was to simply say sorry for her shortcomings.
What I suggest you do is this.
Surprise her with a gift and lot of care, do not tell her before doing that.
Out of excitement and enthusiasm, she would definitely ask why you decided to make her feel so happy, then you would let her know how she makes you feel unhappy whenever she start defending herself when she could have said sorry.
The simple truth is that she's afraid, you may use this against her or report her to your family and/or friends hence her efforts to be "perfect" for you.
Let her know that you wouldn't use that against her nor are you going to treat her with less care and love but that it breaks your heart when all you yearn for is moments that would make you leap for joy and feel loved just like her.
Make it up with an evening time together with her and of course there should be a night to remember.
This is the bonding phase of your marriage and you are bound to experience some attitude that you may not be comfortable with but with lots of love, understanding, constant communication with romance (lol very important) and patience, she would learn how best to treat you like the hero you are.

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  1. This is not an issue,will you eat apology or what will you do with it? If she done wrong to you and didn't apologize forgive her and let it be,some people are like that even when they are wrong they will claim to be right,do not let this come between your marriage. #Ella


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