Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Two Ladies accepted my proposal, I'm confused!

Please post this for me asap.
Please advice me as well Madam Amara Van-Lare.
I have a problem with my relationship. There is this lady have been proposing to that refused and I really love her. I moved on to another lady, she did same thing but the surprising part is that they both said 'yes' in just 24hrs interval. 
So I couldn't say no to the first lady or the second lady. 
The problem now is the first lady do cheat, but the day I confronted her she denied. But I later caught her, though she still denied knowing, in had already known. 
She only visited me once and always gave excuse of not being chanced. And I noticed she was moved by money. 
I later confirmed that her ex told her he would take her out when he is back and she agreed but never created a chance for me. 
And I do whatever I could to make her happy and always claim to love me but she do cheat. 
And I really loved her. I have the chance to lay with her but which I don't want to do because I don't want anything like he used and dumped me. 
I'm in a dilemma stage, I need your help people in the house.
Note: My second partner is very ok, respectful, always heed to what I tell her and God fearing

Dear sender,
This is a perfect description of a man who is both confused about his identify, have no idea of what he need, has no understanding of what he's losing and is not emotionally and psychologically ready to take some personal decisions about his life and destiny.
Granted they all said yes in the same second, do you have to keep both by your side?
Let's do some analysis, what if you focused on one lady, won't you save enough airtime to take care of other need in your life?
Aren't you spending more time and resources trying to investigate two ladies and at the end not even convinced of who you need?
I don't think you should consider any of the suitors coming after you.
Consider your future first, consider your identity first consider your need first consider your emotional stability and maturity before looking for who to propose marriage to.
Always propose one lady at a time and if lady one says NO and you decide to move forward to lady B,please do not return back to lady A because she said yes as you were about leaving her house.
Do not just propose out of convenience or because you have the words in your mouth.
Be convinced before confessing and professing your love/marriage to a lady.
Remember marriage is a serious lifetime journey, prepare your heart and be ready to commit yourself to a purposeful and fulfilling relationship that will transform your life positively in all areas of your life.

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  1. You have your answer at hand. Go for the second babe and this cheat as you claimed she do. #Ella


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