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What can I do to make her enjoy sex?

Dear Ma'am, 

I've been married for about seven months. My wife may have orgasm maybe two or three times throughout this period. 
I can't tell if she came or faked it most of the other times. 
I've tried reading the karma sutra but I cant seem to comprehend it. It's videos dint say anything about foreplay but go straight to the point. 
I also noticed that my erections become weak during her fertile period and this kinda puts some tension between us though I can't help it. 
I've tried different foods and drugs but no show. We're still waiting to have a baby.

Please how can I get my wife to start enjoying sex and how do I avoid weak erections on her fertile days? 
NB- we monitor her fertile period through natural family planning. Thanks

(readers this is rated 18+)
Dear Sender, 
This is the time to minimize reading books and begin reading the body language of your wife.
Do not put yourself under pressure by observing her fertile period, it will naturally put pressure on you and your wife. 
All you need to do is make love (not sex) to her like never before.
Spend some time waking up her temple, whisper words of love, appreciation, and adoration to her as you romance and massage her body gently and kindly.
Kiss her on her ears kindly (some women hate the saliva thing, make it a dry kiss) and then on her nipples with all gentility.
Massage her ribs and her spine, get down to her laps and make sure that they're as wet as your tongue.
Then romance her buttocks and observe her reaction.
Always ask her how she feels with every move that you make and do not fail to make adjustments should she not feel comfortable with your efforts.
Please cut your finger nails if you wish to use your fingers to deliver her baby, and keep them neat and clean.
Play with her baby girl and do well to be gentle with her because it may hurt when you apply pressure.
As you do that, you may see some fluid formation, you may taste them if you wish, yes, they are healthy for your hormones.
If you are observant enough you may notice the vibration of her inner body,and with the help of a good water based lubricant, you may lunch in to the holy temple of the Romania Island.
Remember, slow and steady wins the race, do well to experiment with different positions as long as you both are comfortable with it.
Positions that touch her baby girl would yield a better results than the ones that don't.
Don't fight to finish but be fair so that you both will reach the mountain peak together.
If she feels like urinating, encourage her not to withhold it back,because at that point she should be arriving the Jericho River.
Then you may decide to land and gradually return to massaging with great pleasure of appreciation.
It is a joint task,and it takes two to get the job done.
In all, always ask her how she feels and do not forget to discuss about it when you two are free.
I mean you need not be afraid because you want to score a goal, first enjoy the game first and I assure you that by the grace of God, you'll have many goals.
If possible, make it as wild, and fun and exciting and lovely as possible and withhold nothing from your wife.
After all if she doesn't take care of you, who else would?
Whether she's fertile or not, the process should be fun.
Seven months is too early to worry about babies and God is so interested in seeing you enjoy your marriage with powerful sessions.
So for now, don't go straight to the point, go straight to her body and make sure that she grabs you like she so much yearns for your touch.
All the best dear. 


  1. #clears throat, learning something new.

  2. Aunty Amara eh! Which one is ' the Temple of the Romania Island','her baby Girl'? Chai......who sabi the road the my house? Am still looking for it! Hahahahah ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  3. Now,....let me talk to our brother:

    1. WHY DID YOU GET MARRIED, AND WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO,OR HAVE BEEN TRYING TO IMPRESS? What do you think is the purpose of marriage? Thank God for children,but they are not the primary purpose of Marriage. I suggest you get the book,'THE PURPOSE AND POWER OF LOVE AND MARRIAGE',by Myles Munroe and refresh your mind,or re-grasp the fundamentals of marriage,and go and worship your queen. The tension being created in your marriage is absolutely unnecessary. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  4. 2. A woman will hardly conceive,nor enjoy sex under such tensed atmosphere as you have enumerated. You may have been doing all you know,but all you know may not be all there is to do,or the right things to do. Relax and enjoy your wife....WORSHIP YOUR QUEEN,and let her worship her king (WORSHIP IS NEVER DONE UNDER PRESSURE,NOR IN A RUSH.). Then,God can come in and bless. To do this,you will need to understand the basic differences between the male and the female and how to manage the differences,as well as master THE ART OF EROTIC MASSAGE, plus others like Tantric Sex,etc. To do this,please, get the book,'WHY MEN DON'T LISTEN AND WOMEN CAN'T READ MAPS',by Allan/Barbara Pease,and some other free downloads I will list out later. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  5. Aunty amara in action babe u too much

  6. Aunty amara in action babe u too much

  7. 3. For the 'erectile' problem,you may need to see a doctor,or do a little study on it, for some explanation. I don't think it is anything to worry about,considering the fact that it happened under conditions of 'Performance Pressure'. Learn to combine -
    Erotic Message,
    Manual Stimulation(Hands/Skin),
    Oral Stimulation(Mouth),and
    Penile Stimulation(Penis/Thrusting)

    There is something,a technique,Nancy Van Pelt taught us in her book,'Highly Effective Marriage',that I think every husband should learn. This is how it works -
    1. Start with Foreplay - mainly,Erotic Massage,Manual and Oral Stimulation
    2. And,when your queen is seriously stimulated,then penetrate,and focus on mainly thrusting(penile stimulation) while including 1
    3. When you start feeling like ejaculating,withdraw and switch back to mainly number 1,until the urge subsides for you to penetrate/thrust again.
    4. Keep repeating this cycle till probably,Simultaneous Orgasm. And,even after orgasm,still continue with the foreplay. It is called 'AFTERPLAY'.

    PLEASE,Remember: Your wife first and always. In lovemaking,the job of the husband is not to satisfy himself,but his wife and vice versa. Goodluck,...and thank us later. Lol... ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  8. 4. Talk to my 'Head of Department(HOD)' in the department of Sexology. Her name is...... Aunty FUNMI AKINGBADE,nigeria's number 1 Sexologist,and Columnist,Sex and Sexuality(Saturday Punch). Am just a common 'apprentice' under her shadow(Lol). NEVER FORGET to get your wife involved in every step of the way in this journey - it is a journey for the 2 of you a FUSION process(Marriage is not bonding; it is Fusion). Google Aunty Funmi. She has done extensive work on the subject. Get her articles,books,mp3s and videos,etc.,and go and rock your....,no,sorry,worship your queen! Lol

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  10. Finally,but most importantly,TALK TO JESUS. He has paid the price for your marital bliss,and fruitfulness. All our problems,including yours,was nailed to His cross. Talk to Him,and He will give you PRACTICAL WISDOM to handle the issues of life,and problems we may not be able to handle here. Talk to Him today,and hand over your worries and cares to Him,for He cares for you. Talk to Him now! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  11. I wish aunt you can see the smile on my face while I read your reply. You are such a blessing to our generation

  12. I wish aunt you can see the smile on my face while I read your reply. You are such a blessing to our generation

  13. Wow. Aunty Amara, you just lifted a burden from my heart. I have been thinking am frigid as i have never experienced orgasm before without realizing that all those times i was trying to prevent myself from urinating was actually the thing. Wow. God bless you ok

  14. Pls I can't understand one statement here, What is the different between Sex" and Making Love"!!!, For me there is nothing like love making its all called Sex"

    1. Love when you have Intercourse with someone you love slow passionate affectionate. Sex you can have with some one period more fast rough exotic

  15. HI a lot of people have alot of information for you to read few have been your wife though or in her position. I have this was my reason, no book or blog can help you only time and a certain comfort level she has with you will make her orgasm. I was with a man four 5 years and didn't orgasm one time , I didn't cheat but after that relationship was over I made theasy best love it ever later observing the situation found out why, it wasn't a trick or lubes it was him their was no need for lub, or anything he was all I needed , he made me feel confident in his love by his looks, touch , words, kissing without sexual advance, his heart. I was in our relationship about 9 months before he really stimulated me in this manner he didn't know until one day he asked why can't I please you, I liked her asked it shows concern, but I told him with time it will occur my body mind and soul needs to embrace him in order to advance to such pleasures. Every woman is different some are easier some harder to please I had to clear my mind of all things stress, problems etc in order to fully enjoy his experience, now I can have just lost everything and make love to him and still orgasim, because I know I have all his love my body mind and heart is wrapped around him, so it is much easier. No book, can give you this, not karma sutra this is different, you have to learn her and she has to learn you to know she can be herself and you both embrace each other. My love making life is much different before him I didn't know love or what I liked sexually, me and him figured it out together and it's beyond normal in a good way, we know we are a rare breed. I hope this helps you or anyone for that matter. ...just a FYI size is irrelevant when I say it is mean it when you are connected with that person no one cares about that.


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