Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Am shattered ;am heartbroken!

Good afternoon ma. Please ma I need your advice as well as the prayers of the house.
My traditional marriage was set for ending of this month but my fiancé has stopped calling me.
He always told the mum anything we discussed which I have told him severally that third party wasn't good in a relationship but he saw nothing wrong with it.
He stopped calling me reasons being that when I paid him a visit last two months cos he was living in the father's house.
A flat opposite his mum's own though his own had no kitchen so we cooked in his mum's side.
When I went there,  I suggested to him that we rent the two flats so we could move to another area with (*I think) the mum cos of some reasons.
He told the mum when I had gone.I was shocked cos he didn't ask me why I said so just for him to tell me that the mum didn't like my suggestion at all.
But things were still going on well and we were still preparing for the traditional marriage.
Just a week yesterday he called to tell me that the eldest sister outside the country called him and they spoke for two hours.
That she was angry with what I said,that no lady can ever say such,that she said from the look of things that I can't cope with my man.
That we should suspend everything.
She called the uncles to tell them that they shuld not follow their brother to go for the marriage should he insist.
The eldest sister is very rich and dictates what happens.
So after the call on sunday we were still planning well until Wednesday,  he didn't call,when I called he told me he was busy that he will call back which he never did.
I continued to call but same kept on repeating.
Just yesterday he called to tell me that he is the first son and can never go against the family.
Am shattered,am heartbroken.
Where do I start from?  office people are aware,same with my ashoebi,family and Friends.
Let God fix this up if is his will.
Sorry for the grammatical errors and  God bless. 

Dear sender, 
I am so sorry for what you are experiencing at the moment. There's no word that will describe the pains and agony of being disappointed by the one you love
I know that you want God to fix this and I perfectly do understand why but sweetheart God may have a better plan than you do have for this marriage. 
What if you were married to this man before his sister said all she said, what would have been your fate today? 
What if the man that you love so much couldn't defend you in his house, how do you hope to survive in his family? 
What if the man you so much loved plotted against you with his siblings and mother, how would you have coped in such circumstances? 
While it is painful that all your plans may have been shattered, I wouldn't shed tears because I am convinced that God is not done with you yet so I am not worried about this. 
What I'm really seeking to understand is the mind of Christ in times of Crisis. 
What I believe is the most important is walking into God's purpose for my destiny irrespective of how he connects me to his purpose. 
If I insist on my will, I may end up with many regrets but I know that I cannot know better than God who made me nor will I give up on him even when those I love give up on me. 
Our God lives and our God reigns. 
Please be patient and trust in the Lord with all your heart. 
Do not panic yet because all things works together for our good even when we may not feel good about them. 
It is well with your soul. 


  1. Well said Mrs Amara, dear Poster, I understand how you feel cos I have been there. You shall overcome. Definitely, you will.

  2. My dear Amara has said it all. Its better a broken engagement than a broken marriage. There's no shame to it no regrets whatsoever. Its your life and not your colleagues or asoebi's. What if you marry him and his eldest sister bcomes d dictator in your home? My dear God loves you most and wants what's best for you. I know its not was but God will make you see the reason and help you pull thru. Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise. Trust God my dear its for good

  3. my dear sister please take heart, i know it is painful and a heart brake but i believe God has a better plan for you. i was wondering the type of man you wanted to get married to when i was going through ur mail. dear he is not yet a man but mama boy. a man that cannot even stand for u when it comes to family issue, a man that cannot even make a decision for himself but waits for his family to do it for him. dear just believe dat God has a greater plan for you, so don't cry like those that do not have hope. it is well.

  4. Pls dear rejoice that u didnt even marry that kind of man
    I wonder how u wan manage that man that couldn't take a decision on it own without involving the mum or sisters......sorry cuz I feel ur pain but u have to think twice.

  5. Nne,sorry for what you are going through,but,I think you need to see a psychiatrist. Do you mean after noticing all these danger-signals(RED FLAGS),you not only still went ahead with the relationship, you also went ahead to start planning the wedding and consciously setting yourself up for depression and gradual suicide? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO OUR GIRLS?? What kind of peace do you think you will have in such a family? What kind of marriage do you think you are going to have with such a man? You saw a fire burning,and you are consciously trying to jump in? Chi gi azola gi. Your God has saved you! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101



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