Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Undress in Front of My Kids.

Good evening my adorable Aunty Amy
please I have this issue that I wanted you and your fans views about it..
My husband has been saying it but I do wave it off often, and I have been stylishly waiting to see if anyone will bring the topic as a challange in your page, but I guess my patience have been stretched as my girlfriend visited yesterday and was lamenting on it as if I have been commiting murder in front of my kids... 
Please Aunty is it wrong to dress and undress (going stark naked) in front of my own kids, kids of like 4 and 6 years? 
She said it will have psychological effect on them but my kids doesn't even send if I go naked in their presence cos I have taken a little time to observe them yet I've never seen them staring at me..
Even my sister does same in their presence(go naked) so please I need your perspective on this please..
Thanks a lot and remain blessed. 
When you stood in the presence of God to make a vow to honour your husband with your body and all that you have, there wasn't any other person whom such privileges was transferred to. 
I wouldn't give you my own perspective on this but God's perspective. 
The only person who has the privilege, freedom and unlimited access to the 360° view of your body is your husband and your husband alone. 
He's the one that owns your body, your children are only the product of your selfless sacrifice and as such doesn't deserve such privileges that you are revealing to them. 
If your husband who owns your body has complained about it, sincerely I don't know why you felt comfortable revealing your body to your children without even considering his feelings and concerns about it even if you felt that it wasn't wrong. 
Your children may look harmless to you but within them is the curiosity to know about your body and why it wasn't the same with theirs especially the hairs and some changes in your body which isn't the same with theirs. 
While they may not have the courage to ask you any questions, they may end up asking their friends or discussing it with their peers in your absence which is why you should be cautious about what they see at the tender moments of their lives. 
Even if your sister or friends do same for their children, it doesn't make it the best thing to do and doesn't mean that you should emulate them. 
I know that you don't have any negative intentions when you dress up in their presence but I would plead with you that you dress up in the presence of your husband and allow your children to be children instead of revealing the things of the adult to them. 
And if your husband has already discouraged you from doing such, please do not hurt him by exposing his body to your children. 
The Bible said and you two shall become one.. Talking about the husband and his wife and God said let no other person put asunder to what he has joined together and that includes your children and others. 


  1. True talk @Mrs Amara, am very shy with my body that I still wonder how she was able to that in front of her kids.

  2. Mrs Amara has said it all....

  3. Has anybody asked this woman as to how she will feel to see her husband undress and walk stark naket in front if their children including female children? Again, in that case, at what age would then now be forbidden to see her/his nakedness? I think some people are simply sick and this is one of them.

  4. Do u know that as adult we sometimes remember what happen to us when we wre kids like 4 years or even less. Just like a flash and we can actually see it like pictures. Parents should be very careful.


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