Sunday, August 16, 2015

Conception and Challenges.

Hello Amara, 
I have been married for almost a year now. The challange is that I am yet to get pregnant. 
We have gone to the doctor and she said the only cause she could think of was lack of sufficient intercourse. 
The truth is me and my hubby dont have sex as often as newly weds should cos we go weeks without love making and we are not fighting or quarelling. We just play, gist and sleep off most nights.
But the problem is most nights when I think we should be making love he is always in the living room watching TV. 
My hubby doesn't see anything wrong in me not being prgnant till now.. He just laughs at me when I complain about it..
But I really want to have a baby now that I am young. 
Please I need advice on how to go about making him sleep in the bedroom all through the night all the time. 
I have tried every method but he says he has gotten used to sleeping in the living room even before we met. 
I think it will increase my chances of enticing him into having sex thereby increasing my chances of getting pregnant if he will always sleep in the bedroom.
P.S we both go to work frm early in the morning and come back in the evening plus we sometimes have siblings in-laws who come to visit, so we cannot possibly have sex in the living room.

The beauty and hope of every couple is to behold the moment when the wife announces "I've not seen my period honey, I think I'm pregnant". 
It comes with great excitements, fulfilment, joy and celebrations knowing that there's another being who will make the home complete and bring great fun to both husband and the wife. 
Preparations are made to accommodate the new baby and also provide his/her needs after delivery. 
But what happens when there's no atmosphere for couples to make love and spend quality time with each other?
How then will the wife conceive when her husband is either watching movies or playing games?
What if there's something he may be hiding from his wife, how best should she approach this without appearing to be intimidating or domineering to her husband? 
What can she possibly do or not say if her in laws and friends are living with them and her husband is comfortable with the atmosphere or better still he doesn't want to take any decision to avoid being tagged woman wrapper or weak man by his relatives? 
These and many questions may be confronting you but you may need to find out more about his sexual health and libido. 
Gone are the days when honesty was a gift you receive before wedlock, these days many hide a lot of secrets and information about their health from their partner for fear of being rejected by their partner or being mocked by those they trusted. 
How long does he last with you and how well does he enjoy the love making? 
Is he a one minute man or does he get easily tired when making love with you? 
This will give you clues to his sexual health. 
Talking about his family and friends though with legitimate reasons may bring misunderstandings between you and your partner. You may have to suggest that you and your partner spend some time in a hotel room or somewhere else more comfortable so as to enable you maximise your intimacy without being shy or being afraid of anyone else hearing the moans or whispers when you make love with your husband. 
Also try your possible best not to infuse pressure on him as that has the potential to make him experience weak erection, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. 
It may also make him have low self esteem and that will affect his confidence to desire making love with you. 
Please do well to ensure that you take good care of your Body as a woman. Sometimes the aroma of a food reveals how tasty and healthy the meal will be and you cannot expect your husband to desire you when you make him feel uncomfortable with you. 
Having a fun time together is awesome, you may also use that privilege to arouse him sexually by rubbing his chest with great love and affection and helping him to readjust his boxers while you are with him. 
Taking showers together has a way of sparking the beautiful moment that would make you feel fulfilled and happy with him. 
But in all, always remember that reminding him of your desire to have babies may not have a positive impact on your sexual fulfilment, all you need is time to experience explosive love making irrespective of the circumstances you may have found yourself in. 
Your desire to see him happy and make him happy will encourage him to take some steps to protect your privacy by talking to his relatives and seeking solutions for their presence in your home. 
Do not forget to always pray for your partner and marriage, this is not the best time to complain or get worried about not having children,be patient and be prayerful. 
God shall perfect all that concerns you in due time. 


  1. 1. Make sure he doesn't have any sexual dysfunction,nor some warped ideas about sex. If he has,both of you should seek help.
    2. RELAX AND ENJOY YOUR SEX LIFE. You will not really enjoy your sex life,nor conceive under such performance pressure.
    3. Find out what turns him on,and do more of it.
    4. Initiate sex more. He is your own husband - SEDUCE HIM ANYHOW YOU WANT.
    5. He should do something his relatives and your privacy.
    6. Make your discussions more and more sexual,and erotic - explicit,pillow-talks.
    7. You may have to start wearing less and less clothes around each other. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

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  3. Has it crossed your mind that the guy may be gay?


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