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Women's Fashion Mistakes

"Long before I am near enough to talk to you on the street, in a meeting or at a party, you announce your age, sex, and class to me through what you are wearing-and very possibly give me important information (or misinformation) as to your occupation, origin, personality, opinions, tastes, sexual desires, and current mood. By the time we meet and converse, we have already spoken to each other in an older and more universal tongue."

 -Allison Lurie, author
The Language of Clothes

Your appearance is important, not only in first impressions, but also in ongoing interactions. In his comprehensive research on communication, Albert Mehrabian found that in face-to-face encounter, 7 percent of a verbal message comes from the words used; 38 percent comes from the vocal tone, pacing and inflection; 55 percent of
the message is transmitted by the speaker's appearance and body language.

Who do you want to be?
As fortunate or unfortunate as it may seem, our wardrobe tells  the world who we are. It expresses our personality before we even open our mouth. 

Women naturally have flair for fashion. From a very tender age, girls begin to learn how to look good. We can't change it, nature made it so. Some men don’t care what they look like or how well dressed they are for a party, but a woman starts making preparations for the party one month ahead. Women want to look good.They want fashion that flatters their figure and is stylish at the same time.

In the the words of Rev. Dr. Uma Ukpai, every woman, no matter the level of spirituality, wants to be the best dressed in church. He went further to say that even when they appear not be interested, they so much desire those beautiful things.

Okay girls; here are some fashion mistakes
Lycra Clothes on Cellulites and Love Handles.
The truth is that a good number of women, especially plus size and curvy ones, have cellulites. Don't feel bad about it, even BeyoncĂ© battles with it. The best you have to do for yourself is to exercise regularly and wear the right material for your body. Regular massage helps, cosmetic procedures are available, and there are undergarments to help if you must wear those very light Lycra materials. Losing some weight will help take care of your love handles. Don't forget; if its not for your body type, don’t try to wear it.

Sleeveless Tops with Stretch Marks 
Stretch mark, in most cases, are caused by pregnancy and childbirth, excessive weight, rapid weight loss, exercises, or the use of harsh creams.That cream you are using may not bleach your skin as you think, but it is harsh. Be careful with the numerous skin lightening creams and procedures all over the place. 

If you have stretch marks , there are spa treatments to make it fade. It may not totally go off, but you will have a great body. Shea butter is a good one against stretch marks. Contrary to what Kim Kardashian makes you believe, you shouldn't be hard on yourself because of stretch marks on your bum and tummy. If you have the money, go get rid of them professionally. If you don't, just keep the place exfoliated and moisturized.

What about stretch marks on your arms? Don’t go for sleeveless wears if you have those unsightly lines on your hands. Please stay away from such wears no matter how tempting they may be. They often don't look nice. 

Panty Lines
Please cultivate the habit of looking at yourself in a mirror several times before leaving the house.Those panty lines always look awful.Your pant should not take the blame; its your carelessness. We have different kinds of pant to serve every purpose and every style. For those tight jeans, skirts, and pants, you're safer with G-strings and thongs.

Tunics should get  to  touch  your  upper thighs. Mini skirts can be worn with leggings. Choose a colour that coordinates with your top. Keep in mind; dark colours are more flattering. For your skinny jeans, dark blue or black wash gives you the most slimming look. If your thighs are heavy, disguise with a longer, belted tunic. If you have thick calves, tucking into boot will give you a more flattering fit.

Wrong Choice of Clothes
We have different body types-pear, apple, hourglass, and proportionate body type.You must identify your body type to be able to dress well. It is a fashion crime to go for something simply because it looks good on your friend or because it is in vogue. Educate yourself further on this.
We must not all wear skinny jeans. If you have your thighs very fat and your hips extremely wide, please go for boot cuts. Avoid sleeveless if you have the “christian mother hand”. A good number of of women who are too busty make the mistake of going for tight button down shirts; I advise you stay away from button-down tops if you can or better still, make sure it's very lose (this can make you look bigger than you are). Don't go for any top that has the spaces between the bottons open when you wear it, its not for you. If you have slim legs and ankles, go for wide legged capris and wide A-line skirt; no minis please.

Plus size women have made great progress in the fashion industry. There are now more choices than ever when it comes to clothing. Care should be exercised however, to not let this new found freedom go to their heads.

Some fashions are just not meant to be worn by a plus size woman; Halter-top, low-rise jeans, cropped or cut off top, open-backed tops. No matter how stylish your t-shirt is, you still do not look good with rolls of  fat hanging out over the waist band of your pants.

I recently saw some birthday pictures of a very fat society lady. I was wondering if her friends couldn’t help in her choice of a white dinner wear with her fat arms and cellulites. It was only when I saw her friends that I got to realize how helpless she is in the world of fashion. Stay off tight white dresses, skirts, and pants if you are fat. Darker shades will bring out a slimmer you.

Wrong clothes for your age 
What on earth will make a grown woman wear shirts with inscriptions like, 'Sexy' or 'Don’t tell my mom'; that's for teenagers
Wrong Clothes for Events
A good number of women don’t know what colours to wear on different occasions. Don’t wear a white dress to a wedding party; it shows competition with the bride.There are colours that shouldn’t be worn to the office; it is always advisable to go for darker shades of clothes and footwear. 
Even in our worship places, I see women who look like masquerades in the name of fashion. Ladies, I know we all want to show what we have and how much we are worth, but please take it easy when it comes to going into the house of God. Don't make yourself a stumbling block. What is your reason for wearing that clothe with your "milk industry" inviting everyone for a feel? My dear ladies, little is more when it comes to fashion. 

You dress so indecently to church and for that counselling session simply because you want to be used by the devil to ruin the pastor. It’s appalling seeing some music  ministers acting to be moved by the spirit of God, speaking in their own tongues, making people believe they are so much after God. Girl,we know what you are after-Secret Mrs General Overseer. Leave pastors and priests alone please. Go somewhere else for your trade. A man that really loves you doesn't need the pumped boobs with some silicone implants to come for you; he will naturally fall for you. 
Wrong Choice of Footwear
A good number of ladies wear good clothes, but are nowhere when it comes to foot wears. There is a particular kind of footwear that should be worn with every dress; please educate yourself in this regard. 

That it looks good on your sister doesn't mean it's good for you. In your choice of hairstyles, always consider the shape of your face, body, skin colour, job, and age. 

Not every dress requires a necklace; not every dress requires drop earrings. You must consider the shape and size of your neck, your dress style, and occasion before picking up that jewelry.

If it's called a sunshade, it's a sunshade and you should let it remain so. Don't wear a sunshade inside a room. 


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