Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to Manage Your Funds!

Please ma,I need your motherly advice. 
I just got married three months ago and my husband earns 50k as monthly salary,he gives me 30k for house up keep and I don't know where to start from because I'm the type that doesn't know how to manage money and this is causing problem in my new home.
Yesterday my husband asked me for money and I told him that I don't have any money on me. He started shouting that I don't know how to manage money,I don't even know how to manage 30k for one month. 
I have to buy things for myself too from the same 30k,please I need your advice. 

Understanding your own weaknesses in life is the beginning of the breakthrough to your challenges and concerns in your marriage. 
Let me ask you, what if there is an emergency in your home and your husband wasn't reachable, how then will you cope when you don't have any savings at all? 
What if there were hard times and your husband could not provide enough funds for you to buy the basic needs of your home, where will you go to for help? 
Today your husband may sound insensitive and uncaring because he desires to help you learn how to manage your resources and be in control when the terrain may not be so smooth and rosy but the truth is that as a woman, a wife and a potential mum, you need to learn how to save and sow for rainy days to avoid the embarrassment of having to beg and borrow when you have need for finances. 
I understand that you have limited funds but no matter how much you have today, it can never be enough for your needs. 
You will need to sacrifice some of your personal needs and comforts of life for the sake of your marriage. 
To help you manage your funds every month, first plan for your shopping according to what is more important than the others. 
Secondly, research on where you can buy them at a cheaper rate and be able to save some money. This you can do by asking some people around you and then prepare yourself for the shopping. 
No matter how much or how little you receive from your husband, always keep twenty percent of the money for any emergency or eventualities in your home. 
Instead of buying in retail quantity, go for a wholesale quantity and save some money. 
For example, instead of buying two pieces dettol soap  at the rate of N100 per one, you may choose to purchase one packet of six pieces for N400 and save some money and the stress of buying things everyday. 
Minimise impulse buying and focus more on what is more important to your family. 
Your needs are important but it would not be financially wise for you to go for your needs at the expense of your home and family. 
Please manage the little that you have and plan on how to shop for the most important needs of yours while leaving the less important ones for some other time when you have enough money for that. 
A man who gives you sixty percent of his income isn't doing so poorly especially in times like this. 
Also if you have some spare time, use it to learn some skills that will help you make some money for your needs and the needs of your family and to also support your husband no matter how little. 
Please do not spend your money without looking forward to the future to avoid being struck or stranded when there is an emergency. 
The success and failure of a home depends greatly on how you manage your funds because you will need funds to run your home and with time comes greater responsibility for you and your husband. 
This is your home and your marriage and you have all it takes to design your own home and help your husband succeed in life. 
Please get settled and organise yourself to avoid getting stranded along the way. 


  1. If you keep misusing that mans money, trust me, a time will come when your husband will start going to the market by himself....don't think he's a novice in that area...
    Probably he even knows how to manage that money better than you do but he's just giving you your deserved honor as the mother of the house...don't abuse it...
    Now I'll advice you to:
    1..scout for the cheapest food market around or even afar as far as it can save you a great deal of cash.
    2..Carefully write down a list of items to be bought in bulk...e.g garri, beans, yam, rice, oil and food ingredients..
    3...Be a good bargainer...cut down your ego and bargain to the last women are naturally talented in that..
    4...Do not entirely exhaust the money..leave some for keeps..
    I believe that if you carefully observe these rules, you'll dind out that at the end of the month, you'll even have something for yourself even when the new monthly allowance a good woman

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