Monday, September 14, 2015

I Hardly Eat and I'm Sick!

I have been following your page now for a very long time, am amazed by stories I have read and the life of people been changed by solutions brought forth. 
To start with, am a 24 years old young lady going through a lot alone and dying inside. 
In August 2013, I met this guy on Facebook, we became friends, started chatting and finally met him in September that same year. With our meeting, we finally got to know each other well, same state, same tribe, same village and he actually knew my family. 
We started dating, it was an amazing relationship and my friends and family got to know about it. 
One thing led to another, I became pregnant, told my partner and he was fine with it and supportive but couldn't disclose it to my parents until about three months later. 
They were really furious about it but had to calm down at the end. Marriage was planned but the problem started when we were supposed to travel down together for the traditional marriage, he gave an excuse that he couldn't travel with me because of work but will join me the next day which was supposed to be the traditional wedding day..
I said ok and then proceeded to the village alone. At about 8pm that day, I got a call from his younger brother that my man was kidnapped, not knowing till today what led to that kidnap. 
That was how the marriage that was scheduled to hold the next day got cancelled, everybody was sad and went their different ways. I travelled back home together with my family to the city. 
Two days after, my man showed up giving unreasonable excuses why what happened happened. 
Next we planned for a court wedding with just the two families knowing, one thing led to another, the court wedding did not hold. 
We again planned that we were going to get married after the baby was born, I moved to his house, he was still very supportive, caring and loving. 
One thing I still didn't understand till today was that I found myself in the hospital when I was about eight months  pregnant going through a serious labour without him there, I ended up given birth to a stillborn (Baby dead). 
He later showed up in the hospital, asking him what happened, he said I went through labour but I still think till today that I was induced before time. 
I asked to be taken home to my parents to let them know what has happened but he insisted we don't tell them yet. 
We went back home, I kept insisting that I let my parents know but he kept on saying no. 
We started having issues on that, he started changing and misbehaving, the once good man turned to a wicked and heartless person. 
He came back home from work one day and told me to park my things and leave his house, which I did. I went back to my parents house and I had to tell everything that had happened. 
My father got furious, my family got angry and decided not to do anything but leave him in God's hands. They started showing me love and making me feel happy and started becoming my normal self again. 
My parents told me that the only thing that will make them happy in this life is if I don't go back to that man again, I promised them that I will never do that. 
My life started as normal again until November 2014, When my ex started contacting me again, disturbing and begging to come back and make peace with me and my family, he kept on doing this two months and I felt I should give him a second chance. 
We started dating again and made serious plans on getting him back to my parents to make peace. The worse happened when in the process of restoring peace, I got pregnant AGAIN!! I told him but he was a bit skeptical about it that after we make peace, we then let everyone know. 
Worse came to worst,  he started moving far from me, not picking my calls anymore,not texting me back, not contacting me and so forth. That was when I knew that I was in a deep shit. I decided that I was going to go through this alone without any family knowing because its a big disgrace on them. 
Five months later, he sent a message that I should better go and abort the pregnancy because he is not going to be part of it. I felt like my world was crumbling on me, how would I abort a five months foetus???? 
I told myself NO I WON'T DO IT, I rather suffer and go through this alone. as I write to you ma, am almost eight months pregnant, no parent aware, no sibling aware and no friends aware too..
Am really going through a lot of stress right now, I hardly eat and am sick, I just fear for my life. 
Last  week I paid for a Doctor to induce me and get this pregnancy out and probably not make the baby live, I am scheduled for that on monday but this evening I told my self am going to keep my baby and give my baby out for adoption instead of abortion. 
I am very confused at the moment. 
Please ma, I need advice and help seriously. Thanks

No matter how terrible a child maybe, she bears the identity of her parents and can never be discarded. 
The first help that you need is to get your parents into the picture. 
They knew your weaknesses and they counselled you as your best friend and parents. 
They supported you and appreciated you even when it was not funny but you chose to meddle with the devil. 
Maybe I should wake up your conscience, I am convinced within me that the young man that you thought loved you was actually an agent of darkness and his main purpose is to terminate your life. 
He tried the first time but didn't succeed but this time, should you abort your baby, am sincerely afraid and I am already praying for you. 
Please return back home as soon as you read this because in the spiritual realm, the grounds isn't stable, this is not love as you feel, it's dangerous and he's both demonic and dangerous. 
Things don't just happen when you see them in the physical, they have been established in the spiritual realm before they manifested. 
It's time for you to wake up in your spirit and pray your way to victory. 
That unborn child holds the key to your happiness and any attempt to tamper with your child will definitely put you in a miserable state for life. I am sorry if I didn't tell you what you wanted to hear, raising money for you isn't the real issue, but saving your life at the moment. 
This man always cut you off from your family and friends whenever he wants to do something terrible to you and he has bewitched you which was why he always find his way back whenever he reaches out to you but unfortunately he will sow with his own blood this time. 
Rise up and go back home. Present yourself to your parents and plead for their mercy and forgiveness. 
Don't worry about how they may feel about you but focus more on getting yourself free from this bondage. 
God is with you and now is your hour of liberation in Jesus name Amen. 


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  2. One thing is certain, God loves you still just the way you are now... He said there is nothing you will see now that no one has not gone through it. Be courageous, it is never too late, you will be who God said you will be and you will be where God said you will be. If you have never talked to yourself before, start talking now... Talk your way out.. talk to God first, ask for his forgiveness for your disobedient to your parents, he is everly ready to forgive you then start talking to yourself and your unborn baby.. go to a mirror and talk to yourself... tell yourself who you are.. that you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a peculiar person, born for greatness, fold yourself and tell yourself that ..Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world... that you will not die but live for the glory of God. Start telling your baby who he or she will be, how his/her future will be from glory to glory. finally, go to parents and tell them everything and ask for their forgiveness. But don't stop talking to yourself singing and making melody onto the name of the Lord. YOUR VICTORY IS SURE. Just watch-out, men and women of influence will come to the brightness of your rising. I Love You.

  3. No worries keep your baby and take care of him/her is a blessing to you.

  4. I want to believe that you don not want to hurt your parents at all, nor bring shame and disgrace to them. but sweetie, don't you think that with what you are doing, you are breaking their hearts terribly? It will hurt them that you disobey them and got pregnant again, and for the same guy, but sweetie, they still love u. Please dear, like the prodigal son, pack up and go back home, Mum, Dad, other family member and friends will surely accept u back. The worst that can happen is that people will gossip about you, but dear, the gossip wont last for more that 8 days, that is if. Your family and friends can join you in prayers to break whatever jinx that devil of a man has.You need to join faith with others who love you and know God. This is no battle for you alone, and at this time, you are alone and weak, a bait that the devil believes is already his, pleaseeee, get up and go home. Mum and Dad still loves you.


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