Friday, September 18, 2015

She's Threatening To Take Her Life!

May God bless you for the things you have been doing on this page. .. Something has been bothering me... 
My friend got married at the age of 18 years to a man much older than she was and now they have been married for six years. 
She claimed she actually got married to him to ease the financial burden in their home and this man has really been of great help to their family. 
He saw her through School in South Africa where they live and even brought her younger brother over and is presently seeing him through school but it happened last two years ago, she started talking with her childhood friend that lives here in Nigeria one thing lead to another. ..they were always on phone, skype and WhatsApp...
They would send their nude pictures, making out on phone and skype.. She was so obsessed with this guy, I tried to call her attention to the fact that this guy has a relationship here but she won't believe it.
She had to come back to Nigeria last year and stayed for months with this guy and she saw traits that the guy was in a relationship but she was so obsessed that it didn't bother her..
She went as far as telling me she would divorce her husband once she gets back to South Africa...
Now the problem is she went back to South Africa and began treating her husband like a piece of rag (her husband provides everything for her and their only child but she provides for this guy she runing after).
Finally she got a call from the guy's girlfriend and the truth is the guy told her ... his relationship was more important than herself. .....
She is threatening to take her life.... Please post this so people can help advice her..
I have told everything I know...she still mourns like she lost some. 

What more can we do to help her realise what the devil is doing with her destiny and future. 
Granted that she has the right to decide whether to consider her marriage or divorce her husband, but cheating on her husband and making ridicule of his sacrifices is sincerely unfair and simply unfortunate. 
These are the kind of ladies who shouldn't think of marriage but should focus more on business and entrepreneurship. 
Let her know that  she stands to gain nothing and absolutely nothing if she carelessly lose her home because of an old friend whose interest is in destroying her home and making her single and miserable. 
Please remind her that she made a vow under God to be faithful to her husband until death and whether she had genuine reasons or she simply wanted his cash doesn't count at all because she's simply married. 
Remind her of the hardship of single parenting that is if the man will permit such a woman to have custody of his child. 
Finally lay hands on her head and pray that God will have mercy on her because this lust that has consumed her truly is of the devil and he seems determined to make her miserable but we all will join to pray for her. 

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  1. I have the same problem of hating my husband from the deepest part of my heart cos i married him for financial reasons but he does not care about me and my kids. If he was Caring at least i will endure the marriage


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