Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Should I Forgive Him?

Good day madam. God bless you for your good works to humanity. I've been married for a little over two years and blessed with a son. I'm a youth corper as well. 
About eight months ago , my husband started complaining of serious financial issues to the point he doesn't give me money again. The only thing that we never lacked is for our son's welfare. It got so bad that I was not really looking good at all. Only two weeks ago he kissed and hugged me and told he he was "testing" my "loyalty" all these while. That he actually has a really huge amount of money.. And he was like, "what country would you like to do your master's" I walked out on him and I'm really mad at him for treating me that way. 
Why would he subject me to a test after marriage? I never nagged all through these supposedly hard times. I'm at a fix now because I'm still angry with him but I really want to further my education. 
Do I just forgive him and take the offer? Is what he did unforgivable? 
To what limit do you pretend to your wife? Please I need answers. 
Thank you

Well nobody will applaud your husband for testing your commitment to him and attitude towards money for whatsoever reasons he may have had because life in itself present tons of challenges and trials to test our convictions and commitment to God's purpose for our lives. 
These are some of the characteristics of settling down in your home with your very own husband. 
There could be some crazy thoughts and ideas or feelings and passions that he or you may want to try out to know that true nature of the other person. 
Sometimes it may be funny while some other times it may not be good enough but what matters in all things is your disposition and attitude towards him and your marriage. 
Granted that he offended you by deliberately torturing you with what wasn't real, you have succeeded in winning another spot very very close to his heart that he can entrust finances and his heart with you. 
I feel that it would be noble for you to forgive him and reassure him of your total commitment to the success and prosperity of your home. 
Please do not fail to let him know how you felt about the test in a respectful manner and celebrate him for having the heart to invest in your vision. 
When you get married to your partner, you need the heart of forgiveness to enable you reap the fruits of a prosperous and a fulfilling marriage. 
Always remember that your partner has good intentions for you even when he may use wrong approach in expressing his intentions and do not be hard or arrogant to him so that you will reap the beauty and glory of your husband. 
This is time to grow in understanding and wisdom as you patiently learn more about the personality, passion, purpose and fears of your husband so that you will know how best to support him and be of help to him. 
Before accepting his offer to study abroad, discuss about his welfare and how he will manage his resources while you study. 
Be more concerned with what's helpful, beneficial and profitable for your home and he will be motivated to giving you so much more than you expected. 
This is your marriage, please get settled with your husband and enjoy your marriage with your husband. 

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