Saturday, September 26, 2015

We're Working in Vain!

Good evening Aunty Amara, l thank God for the wonderful work HE has been doing with you, please l need an advice on this devastating issue that has been disturbing me. 
l am working in a bakery fast food company owned by Chinese with branches nationwide.
In our own branch it has been managed by an Abia state man, (Abiriba). Since this man came here in earlier June, things has not been the same again. 
He cuts people's salary anyhow without any reason and short paid many, even my own June monthly salary has not entered my account due to the changes he made when he came here, because he thought that the former manager had a ghost staff that he was paying salary and after the changes came a lot of problems that made my June salary to hang in the balance without him doing any reasonable thing for it. 
l knew how many times l went to the bank to bring bank sort code only for him to forget to add zero to the sort code and send it to cashier for the money to be paid to me. 
l have brought the statement of my account to them and the money was not in my account, am wondering whot l will do again to get my salary, again, before this man came here we have been receiving N7000 and N7000 plus in overtime, but since he came here we have been doing much work than before and he has been paying us N3000, N4000, and staff are looking up to me to know the action that l will take as the elders of the staff who was supposed to be their supervisor by now but not yet, even our superior here was not doing anything with the fear of been transferred to another place, because he has been having an eye problem. 
l seriously need to save the situation because its our heat that has been flushed away in vain. 
please ma, what do l do, please post and notify me, its urgent.

When I read your mail, I remembered our brothers and sisters that were automatically sacked in one of the beverage companies in Lagos for forming an association with the purpose of seeking ways to resolve their challenges and concerns with the company management. 
We are in a country where we have millions seeking for a daily bread no matter how little it my be. Some leave their house for a N3000 job just to make ends meet with hope that things will be better with time. 
Some married men and women with children have lost their jobs in the past six months and they are left with nothing to cater for the needs of their home and children. 
Most human resources managers and lead managers are looking for ways to cut cost even if that means using one person to do a ten men jobs. 
I'm writing all these to paint a picture in your mindset, and help you understand the times and seasons many are into. 
While I wouldn't discourage you from seeking for your legitimate rights but please apply so much wisdom and caution so that you don't in your bid to fight for the rights of your colleagues end up becoming the victim of circumstances. 
Organise yourself if possible outside the company premises and fashion out ways to make your suggestions and intentions known to the management without appearing as daring to the authorities. 
On the issues of your remuneration that has not been paid, please write officially to the management documenting every evidence of non payment of your salary and benefits so that the management will be informed of the development and your need attended to by the higher authority. 
If what you earn as per overtime compensation was documented by the authority, then recall the documents and make a formal complaint about that to the management for them to  attend to it or give explanations to why they decided to pay less. 
In all your decision or endeavours please consult your terms of service and operation and document every meeting or complaints you make with an official letter to back up your request to avoid any possible victimisation later in life. 
It may not be easy but with God on your side and by his grace, things will be much better for you. 
While you gather some experience and training there, prepare yourself for a better offer and also make some investment and saving to prepare for the rainy days. 

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