Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'm Going Crazy, Please Help!

Aunty Amara, I really need help as fast as possible. I would like for you to post this on the forum for people to advice me but I know that most of them will just insult me.
I'm dying inside gradually and I really need you help. I started working for this company in August and the boss, a married man took interest in me. Because I've led an almost loveless life, I didn't know how I started believing his story of his deep love for me and all, bottom line is that I let him have sex with me last week Thursday.
Before that, he calls me love and baby and honey on the phone but after that day till today, he has not called me on phone.
Even when I tried to contact him for work issues or others, his reply is usually blank.
Please help me before I go crazy. This issue is affecting my productivity in life. Please advice me, it is beginning to affect my work please help me please, advise me please?
What do I do?

I wouldn't condemn you because I want to believe that you never knew that you could go this far. 
You thought you were strong enough to repel the sweet mouth of a married man who unfortunately is your boss. 
You took a gamble with his offer and I can assure you that you have not only reduced yourself before him but it's only a matter of time for you to lose your job. 
What I can't tell is what's on his mind but one thing is certain in job ethics, you don't mix romance with business and still remain in business. 
His attitude is simply saying, now that I've received your offer, of what benefit does your presence offer to me. 
For some, they had to take the difficult decision to at least redeem their integrity which was to resign from their offer. 
Some continued with such a life until they succeeded in destroying both the family and the business. 
The ones that chose to remain lived with guilt and low self esteem even when nobody else knew what happened. 
The tough question is can you bear the consequences that comes with the decision you made? 
Do you think that he will still respect and appreciate your services and commitment to his business? 
If I were in your shoes, I will honourably tender my resignation letter and go back to God for mercy and grace than live with the torment and worries of having slept with my boss. 
The decision is up to you and one thing I must tell you is that God is merciful and gracious to forgive you of your errors and heal you of your emotional pains. 
Please do everything within your capacity to flee from any married man irrespective of what he said, gave or did to win your friendship and please do not exceed the business relationship between you and your boss especially if you still cherish your job. 


  1. You've been careless what did you think that man loves you please how old are you to easily slept with you don´t care about your colleagues and other may think you just mind about money or all other things he promised it's how you sell yourself people buy you my dear. He knew you're a light legs that's he used you and jumped as an empty orange. How do we give you a right advice if you didn't think twice.please run to God and deeply pray and the Lord is getting to wash you.

  2. My dear,the deed is done as Amara rightly said.What you need to do now is to accept that you have really made a gravious mistake and continuously working under boss will always torment you thus his change of attitude towards you because he has gotten what he wanted.He has no regards for you again because your integrity has been shattered. Just take a bow and ask God for forgiveness and mercy because he is a faithful God.Be bold and pray for his direction and I bet you,you will not be confused again. Goodluck.

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