Sunday, November 8, 2015

Should I Back Out or Wait?

Good afternoon ma,I'm totally confused about my relationship. I will be 30 years by January next year.
Many men are asking me out for marriage of which am not rushing myself,you know men are pretenders.
There' s a guy who I met in March, to be sincere he told me that he's in relationship but they were not compatible and he wished to marry me if I don't mind.
I told him that I was in a relationship then,though the guy was not in Nigeria and we haven't seen each other but due to his behaviors,I left him and his spiritual life was not satisfying me,anyway that was not the issues.
This guy asked me out in March and he was pressuring me,I told him that we should be friends because of his present relationship.
I accepted in June due to the fact that whenever we were together,I will always be happy even the same whenever we move together,people compliments us,there was a time I went for a prayer,and the prophets and prophetess always mention him even described him without knowing him and his spiritual life was okay for me.
The problem is that despite what the prophetess saw, the vision that he ' s double dating and he should choose between us,he said he will choose me because since we met,his life changed for good but the lady is still calling him and even he always compliments her on her pictures on Facebook using dear for her just of recent he knew that I was the jealous type because I was planning to back out,he always beg me whenever I told him.
Though he' s struggling for work and he' s a graduate since last four years, I don't want to lose at the end because serious people are asking me out of which he knows..
Should I back out or what?
Sorry for long write up.

I need no prophesy or prophetess to tell me how to deal with a man who double dates because the simplest definition of such individual is disappointment. 
The Bible said that when your eyes is single, your body is full of light. 
When a baby is suckling from the both breast at the same time , it's a sign that he's not hungry but out to play with his mother. 
You need to grow up to a point in your life where you don't need anyone or anything else to know what's best for you. 
If he's double dating, it's pretty obvious that he will cheat on you even if he's married to you. 
If he's double dating with you, it's a simple sign that he's wasting your time and may get married to another lady who to him is better than you. 
So what do you do, it's either you discuss with him and you give him your terms of relationship or you simply close the relationship and build a healthy friendship with a man who doesn't need to do a comparison analysis before deciding on what's best for him. 
I also know that every man that comes your way all seems to be ready to marry you or was that your age telling you a story? 
However please do not be in a haste to rush into marriage especially when you are not convinced of his personal relationship with God and his vision in life. 
That a man attends church every Sunday doesn't make him a God fearing man but a man who desires to please God even with the little things of life. 
Seek his face now that you don't have kids and tell yourself the truth because dating a man who is emotionally not interested in you will only hinder you from getting married to the man who has been patiently waiting for you. 
The decision on what to do is your sole responsibility, please do that with wisdom and sincerity of your heart. 


  1. Dear poster
    Your statement which read "you know men are pretenders" could play a major role in your inability to settle down..please erase that mindset..
    Secondly, that a man makes you happy and that people compliment you and that engaged man does not mean he's the man you are meant to be with..As far as he is still engaged to another lady, there is no substance in whatever he tells are only a sweet substitute that he'll turn to in case his relationship with the other lady wise..
    Moreover, have you completely disengaged yourself from the guy abroad?
    All these things put together could lead to indecision and confusion..

  2. I think Okonkwo just gave u the proper answer

  3. Maybe you need to give yourself a break and also give him a break for him to think about what he really wants, if he wants you or the other. Sometimes a little break to think well is all you need....

  4. Pls think twice cuz for me I think (my opinion) the guy is a player, don't waste ur time with him anymore pls.


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