Saturday, December 12, 2015

Am I Still Young to Marry?

Good morning ma, I just joined your group, and since I joined your group I have been learning much from you.
I have a big problem, my problem is that I want to get married and settle down in life, but all the ladies I have met seems not to desire to settle down. I have been receiving pressure from my family and friends and I don't know what to do anymore.
Am I still young to marry? Am 28, and I really need a partner at this stage of my life, should I be a little patient?

Marriage is not a compensation for your family and friends. Marriage is not what you do to because you want to settle down in life. 
Before considering marriage, you must have discovered your purpose in life and destiny, and you know who you are and what you need to accomplish the purpose for which God has called you. 
Marriage is a responsibility for those who are emotionally prepared for the challenges of life. They have built a personal relationship with God and they understand that any mistake in their choice of partner will have a negative impact on your purpose and destiny in life. 
This is why you must as a matter of necessity dispel every form pressures on you so that you can hear the voice of God and discern what he desires that you do at every point in your life. 
That you are old enough to get married;that all your friends are married and have children ;that your parents have brought a lady to you or have suggested a partner for you and for the fact that your pastor mentioned your name during prayers and fasting doesn't mean that you must get married immediately. 
You must be at peace with yourself before considering venturing into marriage so that you can hear God clearly and allow God to lead you to the partner that he has prepared for your destiny. 
You are not too young not to get married but please do not be in a haste to rush into marriage to avoid setting yourself up for disaster and disappointment later on in life. 
Please kindly seek the face of God, hear from him concerning your heart desire, and surrender yourself to him so that his righteousness shall reign in your life. 
Pray for a lady who will appreciate you for who you are and respect you without any reservations. Pray for a partner who will help you maximise your resources and support you in your times of need so that you can fulfil your purpose on earth. 
Please pray that God will favour you with the bone of your bone and guide you from making a decision that may cost you more than you bargained for. 


  1. Dear poster...
    Age wise, you are not too young to marry...
    However, i must let you know that a person becomes ready for marriage when such a person gains perfect understanding of what marriage is all about and is willing to accept it...Your readiness has more to do with the mental aspect no matter how prepared you are financially and age wise..


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