Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gender Equality in the Home

Gender equality, one of the most used words in this 21st century. I support gender equality in the market place because I believe that man or woman, we should always get what we deserve at the work place. 

The case is different in the home. We don't always get what we deserve in the home and for peace to reign, we have to let go sometimes. As a married man or woman, your rights must be trampled on by your spouse and children every now and then.
If you want to bring in gender equality into the home, just be prepared for crisis.

If you want to have two captains in that ship, get ready for a shipwreck. There are co-pilots and the captain must work with and listen to his co-pilots for a successful journey...#catchthevision.

God has given that position to the man. Nature has given headship of the home to the man  and there is nothing anyone can do about it.  Any attempt to reverse this role leaves everyone involved broken and bruised. This is why we have lots of broken people all over the land.

I know that some women have successfully turned their husbands to wives. I know that some men, as a result of their failure to be the husband and father God has called them to be, have emasculated themselves. You sit home and do nothing while the woman goes out to war. You have voluntarily relinquished your position and so you shouldn't expect to see the woman be the wife and woman she should be. She is now a man in so many areas.

Take a closer look at homes where the woman is the man, there is always chaos. Even take a look at such women who turn their husbands to "vegetables", they lack peace and joy. We don't always like the sight of it. Isn't this a proof that it is anti-nature?

Dear modern woman, please allow your husband to be the man. Let him lead in the home. I know it can be very frustrating when you see no leadership ability in the man. It can be very frustrating when you have a lazy man with no vision as a husband. This is why I tell our young girls to look beyond the physical in their choice of a life partner. The money he has today could have come as a result of luck or some fraudulent practices and if you look at just the money, you would certainly be disappointed in the long run because such a man will not be able to keep that business or even be the husband he should be.

Look at his vision. Don't forget; there are people with unrealistic visions. If you have one of them in your life, you can only have what my people, the Igbos in Nigeria, call 'oji onu egbu oji' (he that uses words to cut down an Iroko tree). He will wake up daily dreaming of being an executive director and wanting a big office with aides, bit he will never step out to start small.

  Dear husband, being the man doesn't mean being Id El Amin. Being a man means being a lover and a protector. Yes, you have to be firm once in a while, but don't scare your children and wife away from you because if you do, there is disaster at the end; you will spend your last days on earth a lonely man. Protect your wife and your children. Build genuine intimacy with your wife. The kids will grow and leave home someday, only your wife will spend old age with you. Your wife is a helpmate/help meet (whatever you call it), her voice should be heard. You are the president of that institution while she is the vice president. Your children are all board members and so you need to start talking more WITH than you talk TO them.

Let love reign in our homes. Instead of fighting for gender equality, let us fight and work for love to reign. When there is love in our homes, things will naturally fall in place. When a husband loves and protects, the wife will naturally submit. When she submits, he would naturally love. When there is love, there is order and when there is order, there is growth.

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  1. Keep it up , thanks soo much and more of His blessings to you


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