Thursday, December 10, 2015

Greedy Preachers; Your Belly is Your God

Is the church, the bride of Christ truly like Christ?

A church member once told me how a homeless man stayed back in church after service hoping to go to his night security job from church as he had no transport fare. The senior pastor came out asking why he sat by the door and after the helpless man explained himself, he ordered him out of the church. He did not give him money for transportation, he sent him away hungry and rejected. 

Where is the love of God in our hearts? On the last day, you shall hear, "Depart from me you worker of iniquity. I was hungry, you did not feed me. I was naked, you did not clothe me. I had no shelter, you gave me none...".

Having related with many GOs, I have come to the conclusion that a good number of preachers love receiving and receiving, but hate to give. They love to do all the cajoling for offerings but they hate giving out. Some dont even get up for offering in church, after all, you are giving to them. Something is certainly wrong with our understanding of the gospel.

So many church members, dedicated church members have been turned down and abandoned by their pastors in times of trouble. I have seen general overseers stop church members from giving to their assistant pastors. Isn't this wickedness? You have everything you need but your wickedness won't let you allow others to be blessed. 

Your church member approached you telling you how much he wanted to be a blessing to that brother who is going through tough times and instead of you encouraging him to bless more people, you started by telling him how useless that brother is and then moved to upcoming church project or your next preaching trip abroad which must be sponsored.

 I'm also wondering why God is sending us only to America and the UK. For your information, there are souls in Asia, Arab, and those small African countries. America and Canada have more than enough preachers. If you listen well, you would hear the Spirit telling you to go to Sudan, Mali, and the Gambia.

Like Tupac Shakur once said, what's the point building a cathedral that you open only on Sundays and Wednesdays when there are lots of homeless people who sleep on the street around that very cathedral that you built for your own glory? For my glory? Yes, because like Nebuchadnezzar, I hear you brag about the size of your empire. You enjoy collecting offerings from the widows, deaf, dumb, and homeless but you don't enjoy seeing them come to you for help neither are they allowed to stain your neatly furnished office with their dirty legs.

You want to publish a new book every year, but your junior pastor shouldn't just try to publish one because he hasn't carried his cross- Akuko Mike Ejeagha (folktale).

Witchcraft has so many levels ooh. Think and make a change 'Daaaaddyyyy and Muuuummyyy'.

God is watching. He is a merciful God, but a consuming fire!


  1. well although there is a lot of truth in this, you must not forget that there are pastors who do not fall under this category and should therefore be differentiated and commended for there practice of God's word.
    because I know a good number of them that would go to a large extent to lend a helping hand

  2. thats some extent..but not in all pls.


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