Friday, December 25, 2015

How Do I Love My Partner?

Aunty,good evening, you're blessed. Ma,this may be a long write up but I really need to pour this out cos I feel terrible now.
Am 22 years ma,started dating my brother's best friend when I was in final year,never wanted the relationship at first cos I just saw him as my bro's friend,who usually comes and,sleeps over. In fact,he became part of the family,mum likes him like mad,my aunt too,he likes my family too. He told my mum that he wanted a relationship with me,I kept refusing until I decided to give it a try cos of his love for me and family, care and patience although my brother found it difficult(guys don't like their friend to date their sister) but he told me he's good.
We started dating 2013,initially it was on and off but he didn't let me go,he was patient with me despite my harshness towards him. He's 25,we are currently serving,he wants to settle down with me,I see his zeal,from day one ma,he's been loving,no matter what I do,he forgives so easily,doesn't stay angry with me for long.
We haven't had sex,told him I don't want to till am married,he told me he's a virgin but I don't know. The thing is I don't show him love,I annoy him most times,I don't care about him the way he does,have grown to love him but I find it difficult to show him that love,to pet him,he laments about the way I make him down emotionally,I fell bad ma,I want to change,I feel that if I lose him,I may not find someone who would love me the way he does,just like people say,girls do not love the guy who really loves them,instead they love a guy who doesn't.
I don't want that,true love is hard these days,lol and the fact that he respects my decision of no sex,most guys nowadays wont have that you know. He's not perfect but the basic things one needs in marriage is what he has,I can manage his bad attitude. I want to change,I want to love this guy who loves me unconditionally, I want to make him feel loved and happy,this is my first serious relationship so I think am just inexperienced.
My aunt said that am rigid,unromantic,I don't know the value of what I have until I lose it. I don't want that to happen. Help me change,how can I change.

Thankfully you know what your challenges are in the relationship so without much ado let's in the spirit of the yuletide start a journey of appreciation, genuine acceptance and sincere communication with your partner. The good thing is that men doesn't need to be in your sack to feel loved. 
Pick up your phone and tell him those qualities of his that makes you feel loved, cherished, desired and appreciated by him, simply say thank you for loving me unconditionally and sincerely, I may not have told you before but just know that you are forever celebrated in my heart. 
Send him heart warming prayers, listen more and talk less, tell him how much you love him and respect his personality. 
Being hard and annoying won't make you the hottest girl in town lol it may make you the single girl of a lifetime because when you would have realised that your hotness is fading away, men would have judged you based on your past and forget about you. 
Please do not take the affection of a man who genuinely love you and has a purpose for the relationship for granted. Don't give him those single ladies tips of testing a real man because for every time you pushed him to the wall, he was busy searching for a replacement and a reason to give up. 
You don't lose anything loving selflessly and if you don't love him and appreciate him for who he is, kindly be honest with him and let him know so that he won't be stressing himself every now and then professing love to you while you make mockery of his emotions.
Start off today, begin by being grateful, go ahead and appreciate his personality and vision and open up to him. Don't just keep mute like a beautiful stone, express yourself and have an opinion on issues of life. For the fact that your aunt your rigid and unromantic attitude shows that you must be crushing this man's emotions all because he expressed his love to your mother and you. 
Well I pray that you don't fall into the pit of an ingrate because it most times leads to endless regrets.
Be happy with yourself and be you in your relationship. 


  1. Baby girl u have heard aunty amara's advice, she has said it all, so be wise and put it all in practice by showing him real love u never shown him for years.

  2. Baby girl u have heard aunty amara's advice, she has said it all, so be wise and put it all in practice by showing him real love u never shown him for years.

  3. Lucky girl, go for it and maximise the opportunity


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