Friday, December 18, 2015

I Don't Want to be His Nigerian Wife!

Good morning Ma, please I have a very big problem...
I am 23 years and have this very good friend of mine who is 49. We are yet to meet but I know his younger brother so well and his older siblings I got to know from Facebook though I have not seen them too.
He got married to white lady and that resulted to a male issue, now he is serious that he wants to settle down with an Igbo girl, and that's me.
Yes I do love him so much but now my problems are : I am not sure he is ready to divorce that his white wife, according to my elder cousin, he already has a male issue which might pose a very big problem for me in the future if I eventually settle with him.
He is lively, good and has every other qualities I really do need in a man. I don't know if I should eventually settle down with him, if he will change. I am scared but I am soo sure I love this man and he loves me too. I need your advice please. I don't want to be a Nigerian wife. I want him to divorce the other before I accept whatever he is saying.
Thank you.

I have no idea whether he wanted to marry an Igbo lady or he accidentally got married to a foreign lady but one thing I do know is that he is married to a lady and with a child. 
No matter how much you cherish him or love him, it is wicked, evil and selfish for you to pray that a couple divorce so that you will accept him as your husband. 
The thought of such portrays you as a lady of little virtues who delight in the downfall of others. 
That lady is just like you and every other lady irrespective of her country of origin and place of residence and just like you she prays that God will bless her marriage and perfect the desires of her heart in her home. 
She sacrificed everything to see him prosper and has given birth to a son for him so I sincerely feel that she deserves to be happy with her husband and her marriage. 
I pray that we learn to honour the sacred marriage of others instead of seeking for an excuse to destroy the homes of others. The moment he started sharing his time with you on the media, he was already cheating on his wife which wasn't right. 
So please desist from every form of communication with him and kindly respect his marriage. 
Pray that they succeed and pray for your own husband and not for the husband of another lady. 
Get busy investing in your future by learning some skills and virtues that you need to prosper in all your endeavours. 
Added to the fact that you haven't even set your eyes on him and his siblings makes it rather ridiculous to imagine. 
Please do not be in a haste and forget about your integrity in life. 
God is still faithful to bless you with your own husband, please wait for him.


  1. Dear poster...
    What God has joined together, let no man put asunder...
    Don't let yourself to be used as a tool for seperation...
    The consequences are terrible..
    Just let go and save your life..

  2. res ipsa loquitor, Amara had unveiled the bitter truth behind this context.

  3. res ipsa loquitor, Amara had unveiled the bitter truth behind this context.


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