Monday, December 28, 2015

Is Virginity a Criteria for a Happy Home?

Good morning ma. I need your candid advice ma.
I am 24 years old lady. I have this boyfriend that we have been together for six years, he was my first love and was the one that took away my virginity but the issue is of lately we have been having series of misunderstandings that I would tell him let's go our separate ways but he would be telling me that I can't get a man that would love me the way he does.
That they would just use me and dump me that its hardly you see a man that marry a woman as non virgin living happily. Please ma is that a criteria for a happy home because it really borders me.

If all men have to marry virgins, what will happen to the ones they disvirgined before looking for a virgin wife? I mean I'm puzzled to know that you believed him simply because he knows how to get you to open your legs and gracefully allow him to explore your fantasy world. 
So what happens if he starts abusing you and cheating on you? Will you because you gave him sex and because he was your first love choose to die for him? 
Virginity is a good gift to preserve for your husband but it doesn't mean that those who are not virgin won't marry a good husband all because the evil men have disvirgined so many virgins. 
For records virginity is the state of your vagina and doesn't in any way guarantee that the marriage will be successful or prosperous all because she was a virgin when she got married. 
What most ladies need is virtues that will distinguish them from those who are competing with their body to keep a man. Once the penis passes through the gate of the hymen, virginity testimony has ended and the only thing that will count for the rest of your life will be your virtues, wisdom, understanding, maturity of mind and your attitude to the issues of life.
So kindly snap out of such a mediocre opinions and decide to keep yourself for your husband. Choose not to always open your legs, I mean your panties isn't that lose now so keep it intact for your husband. 
But then you didn't tell me what the misunderstandings have been that you suddenly want to throw away everything to the wind after you have invested six years to build a relationship with him. 
But then again I guess that you know what you need much more than I do, so if leaving him is the best option for you, kindly consider it and prayerfully let him know your decision so that you can move on and trust God for your husband. 

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