Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Should I Marry Him as a Second Wife?

Am a young girl of 22 years in my final year. I live with guilt in my life to start all over again.
There's this young guy I met when I was in S S 2, we were dating then but I gave him myself,when I was done with secondary school, already he has broken through(my pride) then he changed seriously and stopped giving me money.
When I got admission to the University, it became easier to let go of him since those we love didn't love us I started living a mischievous life. There was this guy I loved him so much that I said I would do anything to have him to myself.
We dated, I got pregnant but got rid of it without his knowledge because I was scared of my parents. So I kept on lying to him that I still had the baby. He asked me to come over so we could run a test,that was after a week of termination I went and result still confirmed me pregnant So because of state's difference my parents rejected his proposal.
He got married to another. I changed my line for a very long time and later retrieved it and lied that I gave birth and the child died.
Later on I met another guy who I had no idea of his marital status but he claimed to be single, wouldn't take me to his house rather hotels. At a time I got fed up and asked him to take me to his house he started lamenting that his parent this his parent that. . His wife called and identified her self as his wife. I got shocked and apologised to her telling her I did not know but the guy was obsessed with me that he couldn't leave me.
He got things for me catered for me and even helped me pay my fees. The worst thing was that he wouldn't let me see another man. He seized my phone times without number. I noticed that any man that wanted me would later leave me and marry.
I called his attention that he should face his home that I needed my own hubby, that I wasn't comfortable with it any longer . He kept marking in order to cut the long story short he said he will marry  me as second wife which I don't even have in mind to be.
Please help me aunty Amara. Thank you.

Always remember that every married individual is under a covenant, what we normally refer to as an Oath or a Vow with God. 
It doesn't matter whether the individual understood who he or she is or what his actions or her decisions entails, if he be married, simply flee. 
Don't accept any gift, not even a ride on a good day, respectfully avoid them because no matter what happened in their marriage or the circumstances surrounding their marriage, please do not be the "nobody that will put asunder to what God has joined together". 
I understand that you may want to know why I am strict about that, it's because the devil is subtle in deceiving the innocent mind with love and gifts making you feel that what you were doing was right.
Now that you know, delete his number, destroy your sim and kindly change your number. 
That he loves you isn't the issue here, falling in love with him will be a catastrophe not only to yourself but to your future and destiny. 
So tell me would you want to be a second wife when God has prepared your own husband and your own home for you?
I guess the answer to that question will help you make the best decision on this. 
God is faithful, he won't forget to favour you with your husband so there is no need to cut corners or panic. 
I want to believe that you understood the implications of aborting an innocent baby no matter what your thoughts and feelings were then. I hope that you will humble yourself and ask God to forgive you while making commitment never to abort any baby and hopefully abstain from sex until you are married. 
That will save you from making some decisions that will make you feel bitter and weak. God is merciful and will forgive you if you confess your shortcomings before him and genuinely repent of them. 
And finally please make a personal decision to always say the truth irrespective of what the consequences or the cost of such an action maybe. It will save you from the needless guilt and emotional torture that you expose yourself to every now and then. 
Be true to yourself and be responsible for the decision you take in life. 


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  2. Girl please run for your dear life since you discovered he's married, it is written in the book of life that the first wife is the real wife while others are concubines or strangers, besides he's a cheat and full of deceit, don't let him lure u to marrying him with material things and later u would regret it, if eventually married u, have it in mind that he will still be cheating on u, so be careful and let peace reign in that family by quitting the relationship.


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