Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Should I Wait for my Baby Father?

Dear Ma, please am very new in this page this is my first time of seeing this page. Ma please I urgently need an advice.
Am a 38 years old lady, I was pregnant for a guy when I was 17 years old. Because I was very young, my parent refused me to abort the baby but later they took me to the guy's parents where I put to bed and nurtured the baby.
So when I was living with the guy's parents,I was also making love with this guy till I was pregnant again. Now the father took me to abort the baby.
After then he sent me back to our house and they took my baby girl which is 21 years old now. Since then me and my baby father do communicate once in a while till he graduated and travelled to the States.
Even there, we still do communicate at times but all these while am the one always making the contacts but ma I later heard that a River's girl had a child for him,a boy and he came back and paid the girl's dowry with his parents and now I heard that they have done their court marriage.
Ma am still hoping that my baby father will marry me,and my daughter is still giving me hope that her daddy will marry me since they have not do any church marriage. My daughter is doing her possible best for her daddy to marry me. Whenever my daughter visits me she will use my phone to call her daddy and she will be calling my phone.
Now I chat with him on WhatsApp and just confused, don't know if I should move on or to wait for my baby father. Meanwhile am 38 and he is 38 as well.
Thanks you so much ma and may God Almighty bless you.

Having a baby for a man no matter the gender will never guarantee that he will end up with the lady who slept with him.
Granted that you may have conceived because you were naive, deciding to continue having sex with him and agreeing to abort your baby was a clear decision you made for yourself.
First I would suggest that you seek for God's mercy and healing and allow the Holy spirit to strengthen your heart and heal you of the pains and disappointment of waiting for him. 
Secondly I would suggest that you move on if all you heard about him was true. It means that he has made up his mind not to marry you nor consider dating you irrespective of what your daughter is doing to persuade him. 
Forcing him to marry you will only make your life miserable and make you feel rejected by him. 
It's time to shake off all the mistakes of yesterday and decide not to give him so much power to control your emotions and your happiness in life. 
Respect his decision and limit your communications to the affairs of your daughter. Please don't dwell in your past for so long because you will never make any positive stride while living in your past. 
The deed has been done, grab the lessons and move on to a greater height. 
You deserve better than him, kindly forgive him and let him be happy with his decision. 


  1. On point,i share the same view with you Amara.

  2. On point,i share the same view with you Amara.

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  4. On point,ishare the view with you Amara.

  5. On point Amara,i share the same view with you.

  6. On point Amara,i share the same view with you.

  7. You said it all ! She also needs to work on her self esteem. . . . .

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