Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Will Getting Her Dad Involved Bring any Issues?

Mama, please I need your advice on this; this story is long but I need you to understand it anyhow cos I don't know exactly how to put it.
I'm a single mother of a beautiful 10 year old daughter. I'm 29.
Just yesterday, my daughter started pleading that she wants to meet her dad who is now married with three kids, one on one. I promised her that I will try and get his number so that I can send her message across. Her birthday is in three days time and she wants to see him on that day.
My mother on the other hand, sent the guy away when my daughter was three months old, telling him that he doesn't want anything to do with him. She started taking care of her but I kept contact with my baby's father until he got married. Now I need help in taking care of her fees in school because she is about to enter secondary school. My challenge is, I don't know whether getting her dad involved in her life will bring any issues in future? I don't want anyone to take her away from me and my mother will be heart broken too because she stays with her, she can't even allow her to come stay with me.
I also need your fans who has seen anyone or has passed through this same stage to please advice me. God bless you ma!

Children are precious gift from God and a treasure to behold anytime. They remind you of the beauty of life, the passion in youthfulness and the desire to conquer the universe. 
Yes nobody can trade those moments for any of the drama that life brings when we have grown into adult but one truth that you must never deny your child no matter the circumstances that surround her birth and upbringing is letting her know the foundation of her journey. 
It means everything to her, much more than anything you can offer to her. Knowing her foundation will give her a sense of belonging and vigor to give her best in all her endeavours. 
You may deny her of the things that she loves but never deny her the privilege of meeting her own father, no excuses or reasons is justifiable for such a decision. 
Your daughter won't run away just because she met her father, but it will help her understand her story of life and create a vision for her own future. 
Let her meet her father and you and her father can discuss about the upkeep of your daughter who also is his child. It is his responsibility to provide the resources that his daughter, his first child needs to succeed in her life. 
She won't run away from those who stood by her when she was naive and ignorant but this will help her make a meaning of her life and appreciate her environment. 
If you feel that letting your mother know will trigger any health conditions, please do not let her know but please do not cage your daughter from experiencing the privileges of life and human existence just because you don't want her father to have access to his child. 
God is in charge and will take control of everything so kindly prepare for the glorious reunion of daddy and daughter. 


  1. One of my uncles had a daughter with his girlfriend back then in his university days...
    It happened that he eventually got married to another woman, he has 3 kids yet he caters for this girl to a fault...
    He visits her occasionally, takes her out and spoils her with gifts....
    He has been paying all her education expenses till date and she is about gaining admission into the university..She is 16 now and there has been no problem of any sort...She knows her father and she perfectly understands the situation...Nothing was hidden from her
    So dear poster...
    Allow that child to meet her father..That is the only solution to her request..
    No matter how much you try to prevent it, her quest will only become stronger and louder..

  2. Kindly follow Aunty Amara's advice as a matter of urgency.Thanks.


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