Saturday, January 16, 2016

Am I Starving Him of Sex?

Good morning aunty Amara. Happy New Year and God bless you greatly.
Please ma, I feel my husband is helpless. I'm currently pregnant with so much discomforts. It's my first since we got married, so he's being very careful. The problem here now is having sex. Though my husband hasn't complained about being sex starved but I know he is. It's over two months now and he is human. Especially when I see he has erections, he'll just pat my back and say 'it is well'. Aunty, please I don't want my condition to push him out. How do I go about it?

When you say that you have so much discomforts, what exactly could the discomfort be and how consistent are they?
Pregnancy comes with some form of discomforts but with understanding of your body, you and your husband can still enjoy sexual intimacy without affecting your baby.
While some positions maybe quite challenging, some are beautiful and better for the pregnant women. Positions like you lying by your side and him entering from behind, you placing your head on his penis while he enjoys your vagina and you sitting in front of him while you decide how you want to enjoy the sexual intimacy are some of the positions that may woow your mind and body and ignite your passion for something steamy and sensual. 
Before now, sex may have been so fast and vigorous but now things can be done in a smooth ride and slow motion and you will still be happy and also meet his sexual need.
Even if penetrative sex may not be feasible, you can try other form of sexual intimacy which includes, cuddling, kissing, blow jobs (at your discretion) and any other ways you and your partner chooses to express love and appreciation of each other.
Unless the doctor specifically said that having sex with your husband may endanger the health and safety of your child, sex is actually good for you and your growing baby and you won't need to be worried because your husband's need will be met just as you look forward to having your own baby.
I pray for a safe delivery and divine provision of all you need for your baby and your family.

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