Monday, January 18, 2016

Don't Want to Cheat but I'm Worried!

Good evening Mrs Van-Lare thank you for all the previous advice you have given to me and my friends.

Am 24 years and my fiancé will be 30 years by April,he is a graduate We have dated for five years now. Meanwhile , we got engaged last two years and since then no sign of introduction nor wedding, although we discussed about it last year before he travelled out but nonetheless.
Am currently undergoing the NYSC scheme (batch A 2015) precisely.

The point is, he's already making plans to bring me over,am confused because he hasn't done the necessary marriage rites even after being engaged. But he assured me, we shall make plans towards it when I come.

Secondly, I don't want him to feel am desperate for marriage if I keep on reminding or pressuring him. He has been helping me and my family financially,paid for my bills while I was in school. He sends me money for upkeep every now and then.

I love him unconditionally, and as a matter of fact have missed him so much, have been a celibate for seven months now since he travelled, I sometimes feel horny but I promised myself I will never cheat on him, don't want to cheat on him because of the love and trust he has for me. I sincerely miss him and I look forward to seeing him.
Please am confused, I need your advice,I don't know whether to go or not.

Since he has already assured you of his love and has made huge sacrifices and commitment to the relationship, my suggestion would be that he comes back and do the needful so that once you travel there, you will be free to enjoy him to the fullest, this time as your husband and not a fiancé.
My thought is that once you get there, I see no reason why you won't be pregnant there and the idea of being a "baby mama" before a wife isn't the best way to consummate marriage.
Talk to him and encourage him to make arrangements towards that, plead with him and explain reasons why going for an introduction and hopefully getting married to you is wiser, safer, cheaper and a better option than testing the waters and guessing when it will be.
Pray about it and work together with him so that you can achieve your vision of being one body and soul and one family in no distant future.


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  2. Goodday ma thanks for all you have being doing to safe people's relationaship and marriage's may God bless you ma. please ma i need your advance, there is this relationship i been into last year 9months now.He his nice and very had working he discuss marriage with me that he really want to marry me. The issue and having with he, he don't care about my well-being, for past 9months we have being dating he as never giving me money to make hair or anything to takecare of yourself, although am working and have been train to be independ by my parent, have never ask he for anything, but his selfish he told me that he doesn't use is money anyhow, but he do ask me for money if i said i don't have he search my bag and take any money he sees there. secondly he said he really what to take is time so that he will not make mistake in marriage. His 29 am 27 he ask a good Job same me. But when i ask he whenther is ready to marry me he said am desperate,we love each other very well my fair is that he have other girls around he, he have there pictures in his phone when i ask he why his he keeping there picture or chatt with them, he will say that, the attention given to me is not been given to them. He always hide his phone from me. please ma how do i go about this Relationship. Have always pray to God to given me a good husband am not a selective type..... ma please what do I do am confused here. Thank you ma.


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