Saturday, January 23, 2016

Please Help me with Your Prayers!

Good day madam, the blessings of the Lord will always be with you and your household Amen. I got married 2008 with two lovely kids a boy and a girl, they are 7 and 4 years respectively. My hubby was financially okay but after our wedding that same year things gradually started turning upside down for hubby in his business but after I gave birth to my first child I started receiving strange calls from an unknown lady that she will deal with me till I pack out from my husband's house and will know no peace in my home that she met my hubby before me but I rejected, prayed and cancelled that statement because I didn't meet any lady before I married my hubby and he said he doesn't know the lady.
But for the past seven years things are getting worse for my family, hubby is very hardworking but at the end of the day there's nothing to show for it and there's no business he ever succeds on, feeding money becomes a problem a times even the kids school fees. I have been praying fervently even with the help of some priests and pastors, I also have disappointments whenever something good wants to come my way please my dear brothers and sisters help a sister out with your prayers that God should please visit my family this year that it should a year of divine turnaround and testimonies in my family in Jesus Name Amen, thanks and God bless you all for me

When strange things happen in your family, it's time for you and your household to seek God in prayers, fasting and the meditation on God's word.
If the foundation be faulty, the structure will collapse no matter how it's maintained. Please sit down with your husband and discuss about his journey before he got married to you. When you are done with him, encourage him to contact the lady, and both of you should prayerfully prepare to meet with her in a neutral place so that you can listen to her and find out who sent her or what was her mission.
If your husband needs to apologise, let him do that but at the end, let it be that you have severed with the devil before you go in the place of prayers and crush him down with his agents.
It's not time to panic or get worried but it's the time for you and your husband to unite and seek the face of God.
Your pastor and priest will pray according to how they're lead, only you and your husband has the capacity to pray according to how you hunger to see a difference in your marriage and your family.
When you are done with this, please organise your business and your funds and begin on a fresh note. Pay your tithe and touch the lives of the less privileged no matter how little the gift maybe.
If the current business isn't thriving, he should change to another kind of business while you think of any other supportive business you can do so as to argument what he provides. Do not panic or feel fearful, your marriage cannot sink because you are in partnership with God, Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit.
You shall testify in no distant future in Jesus name Amen.

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