Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Would Become of the Test?

God bless you aunty Amara and your fans for your great advises. I'm frustrated and felt like given up in life. Three years ago l made a grave mistake which ruin my life all in the name of love. l got entangled with my ex and we started a relationship which l think was built on love not knowing l was deceiving myself. My ex knew very well that he was a H I V carrier but he never mentioned it to me even when l demanded that he should use condom, he accuse me of lack of trust. When l found out he was cheating on me with a girl in his compound so l decided to quit the relationship.
That was when l decide to go for the test and l tested positive to HIV, when l called him to tell him about it, he said that he he knew that l should never call his line ever again. I almost died of thinking if not for God. I didn't tell anybody about this, since then l decided not to involve myself in any relationship ever again.
Unfortunately, l met a guy recently in the bank where l carry out my office transactions, he told me his intentions to settle down with me. My past came back again to hunt me, how can I marry him without telling him about my status? I later summoned the courage to tell him. Two days later he called me that he wanted us to go to hospital to be sure that what l told him was true that he knows am just pulling his legs.
I'm scared, what will become of me if he confirms it to be true? Is he not going to leave me? What face will l wear to go to that bank again? My mind is telling me not to go anywhere with him. Please ma, you and your wonderful fans should help me. I'm desperate for advice please.

On the contrary HIV doesn't ruin the life of any individual. It is also not the most deadly diseases or infections in the world and I'm certain that you are aware that you cannot compare HIV with Lassa Fever so you don't need to feel as though you have been sentenced to death because of the infection. 
You need to first accept yourself and take the responsibility for what happened in your body. As an adult, you consented to sex out of mutual love and "relationship" you had with him, only that his infidelity drove you out of his life. 
You may also note that for the fact that you are HIV positive doesn't mean that you cannot marry, have children and enjoy your normal healthy life. It only means that you must eat healthily, exercise your body, be more careful with sexual intercourse and take your medications. 
It will be wicked and selfish for you to lie to your partner simply because you want to get married to him and it doesn't matter whether he finds out or not, you are already positive and can either choose to live or to die in self pity and low self esteem. 
Follow him to the hospital, do the test and allow him to decide whether to continue with the relationship or not. For now your greatest need isn't to be pitied by anyone but to be accepted, appreciated and respected by others irrespective of their perceptions or opinions. 
Please do well to register with the hospital where you can getget free anti retroviral drugs and do not fail to take your medications according to prescription.
Please do not be afraid or discouraged to live a purposeful life and leave a positive legacy with your experience. Help to save vulnerable youths from getting infected with HIV. You are already positive, prayerfully prepare your heart to make a positive impact in your generation and do not be worried about the perception of others.  


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  2. You're HIV positive period...
    I believe you have a test result...
    Show it to him...
    And don't kill your remaining little self esteem by moving around with interested suitors for tests...
    A reminder will always bring back the pain of reality...
    I beg you...
    Do not decieve anybody...
    Let this be your cross...
    Start taking your ARV drugs...
    There's still more to life than being HIV positive...It doesn't end here
    Believe in God...
    God cares...

  3. Join us in this 21 days fast@winners chapel,go to the hospital with him and u will discovered that u re negative..believe God...

  4. I must commend you for the courage to reveal your status to him. Not many will do that. That said, you must complete this journey you started courageously by going for that test with him. The fact that this guy is willing to go for another test with you shows that he is serious about you. Two things you must however get a (written) confirmation on is that he is also doing the test and that he is going to keep your status in confidence irrespective of what happens afterwards. If this guy is meant for you, he will stay and love you more for telling him the truth. Whatever happens, stay strong and enjoy life in a positive way. HIV is NOT the end of your world, literally. I also pray for your divine healing iJMn. God has done it before and He can do it again. Sending lots of love your way this beautiful day.

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  7. Hi! It's good you know your status, God bless you. That you're HIV positive doesn't mean the world has ended for you. This is quite a difficult situation for you for sure but the truth is that even if you don't go with him, he will still find out one day, and surely before the marriage. I think if you meet your doctor first of all, your doctor will tell you more on how being HIV+ doesn't stop you from getting married and things you and your spouse can do to help you both better. If the banker truly loves you and insist on the test, then you'll first of all ensure that he is serious minded before attempting that with him. If he meets a good doctor that can advise him good, and if his mind can carry it, then nothing will stop you both from being together. It is well with you.

  8. God bless and heal in Jesus name amen you review that you have hiv when someone gave that to you God heal you for that you honest and trustworthy that amazing.

  9. God bless and heal in Jesus name amen you review that you have hiv when someone gave that to you God heal you for that you honest and trustworthy that amazing.

  10. Honey God has healed you, He has Done before nd He is still doing it.. we love u.... and to ur greatest surprise u will get there and find out that our greatest healer has done it again in ur life... don't for get to come back to this page and share the testimony of ur perfect healing.. Jesus loves u

  11. Love ursef dear n go to hospital with him is not the end of ur life moreover there is still God u nva can tell cuz he is a mercy father

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