Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Are They Having an Affair?

Good day ma, I must confess, I have learnt a lot from you here, you always have answers to every question. Thank God for your life and God will continue to increase you with wisdom. Ma, I have not been myself ever since I made a discovery from my hubby. It happened that he was always online these days so one day I decided to check who he was chatting with, he refused me not knowing that I have seen the picture of the person and that person happened to be my friend.
I pretended that I don't know who he was chatting with and insisted he show me the person and what they were discussing that made him to refuse me from seeing it but to my greatest suprise he showed me another person instead. I later told him the person and that he must tell me what he was discussing with a married woman with 5 children but he started begging me and apologised telling me that I should not be angry, that act got me furious, that was when I concluded that something was going on.
After much much he admitted that due to the woman's condition because the husband had a problem that he can't perform which I was also aware of, so he was sending porn video to the woman. He promised me that if I forgive him, he will never chat with her again which am finding very difficult because am too emotional.
Just last night I was asking him how about his woman friend and he told me that she has been texting him but he was not replying though I do check his phone without him knowing it so I don't know if he deletes his own but I do see the woman's own. Just this morning I wanted to touch his phone and he said please leave my phone for me.
Could it be that they are having an affair? How do I let go of what I feel inside, I can't pray anymore because I can't concentrate, what do I do? How do I balance this equation my husband my friend? Amy please help me before I go crazy.

From your mail, you didn't indicate that your husband was a medical doctor or an urologist so I don't know what solutions he's giving to a married woman whose husband cannot perform and for him to subscribe to sending a pornographic to her suggests that your husband has found love in watching pornography and there's likelihood that extramarital affairs may not be far from him.
My candid suggestion, let him quit counselling a married woman no matter the purpose and he should also stop sharing pornographic videos with the woman.
A man who is unable to perform needs assistance on how to perform and the wife ought to be supportive now and not to be chatting with a married man and be sharing messages as they please.
It's wisdom to let go of your friend and hold unto your husband. Your husband isn't helping your friend by sharing videos and messages with her rather he's distracting her and making himself available for her needs.
Sit your husband down and pour your heart to him because the moment the phone has more privacy policy than your privacy then it's an indication that you are battling with infidelity.
Pray for him and encourage him to focus in your marriage instead of making a mess of the circumstances of another man.


  1. Haba nw..this doesnt sound good at all..biko better confront your friend.infact get send her a copy of the chat she has with ur husband via ur phone.its soo not good.

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